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See 10 Reasons why you are not Making Money Online in Nigeria and Steps to take to make more money

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

Are you worried that are not making much money online in Nigeria? Well, in this article i will highlight 10 reasons why you are not making money online in Nigeria.

After taking a deep look at why you are not making money online i will also list ways you can make money online quickly.

So, before we talk about the reasons let’s ask ourselves one question.

Why are you not making money online? especially during this pandemic season.

Well, it’s because you either don’t know how to go about it or where to make the money from but today you will definitely be leaving this post with amazing ways to make more money quickly.

Let’s get started.

10 Reasons why you are not Making Money Online in Nigeria

So, i guess you ready to know those reasons why you are not making money online in Nigeria?

Without wasting much of your time i will get to the main points.

  1. You haven’t heard of how to make money online
  2. You are worried about not getting scammed online when you finally join
  3. You are tried of looking for legit ways to make money online
  4. You still waiting for others to tell you how to make money online
  5. You haven’t read this article before and how you are reading it so you can make more money.
  6. You are wondering if you need a laptop to make money when you don’t
  7. You wondering if every platform is like NNU, lol that’s a bad idea right?
  8. You think making money is for those who own a website or blog.
  9. You tried of joining referral programs without knowing how to generate thousands for yourself
  10. You still haven’t tried forex or bitcoin since you heard about it, probably you are afraid of losing your money
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Believe me when i say you can absolutely make millions online.

Trust me when i say i made that from piggyvest, look at the screenshot below:

See 10 Reasons why you are not Making Money Online in Nigeria and Steps to take to make more money 2

So, we have seen the 10 reasons why you are not making money online. Now let’s talk about most of them before we continue…

When we talk about getting scammed online it means you haven’t seen a legit way to make money online or you have been meeting scammers to show you the way…

Do you remember a part in jenifer diary’s when she told someone she wants to join the instagram and facebook family?

Lol, crazy right?

Now remember she was told to bring N15,000 to join all this platforms…

So, now you finally understand why you are getting scammed online?

it’s because you meeting the wrong people who can put you through..

Well, that’s just a simple scenario to make you understand why you getting scammed online.

Next point: We talked about getting legit places to make more money online.

When talking of legit places to make money online the first time i believe your mind should go to is making money from NNU or NNUForum known as the V2… lol, a pure means of scamming people that sounds legit but most will think its legit until they get scammed.

But to you the money is small, yeah is damn small…

N1500 is just data money nah.

So do the math N1500 x 200,000 registered users =N300,000,000

Can you see thats a lot of money to talk about?

Yeah, that’s what the owner of the platform get to make by you just drop your data money without you getting anything in return.

Well, this article is not about NNU…

But the fact is… “To make money online you need to take risk”

How do you find out legit platforms…

Before you join a platform there are people before you and this people know more than you about the platform you wish you join why not reach out to this people first before you join it?

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Tho we have two types of this people..

  1. The ones that work hand with the owner of the platform
  2. The ones that joined just like you to make money from it

Well, the trusted one to make inquiries from are the ones that joined why? because they don’t know the owner and they might get scammed too its a 50/50 game.

Or, you can Google reviews about the program and also watch youtube videos about reviews on that program too.

Well, i also own a youtube channel where i share reviews of different program you can subscribe to my channel to get updated when i upload a new review or new way to make money online.

Next point: To make money from forex you need to know that it’s not everytime you win even in football not everytime a club wins a match this applies to forex also there are times you win and there are times you lose but one thing is make sure you win is more than your lose so you can get profits.

When i mean win i don’t mean using N100 to win N2000 on bet9ja, lol…

Lastly, i will just talk about this quickly so we move to the next.

Well, you don’t need a laptop to make money and you having a laptop doesn’t mean a steady income without you knowing how to make that money.

So even while using a phone you can make thousand then from there you can get a laptop and advance…

Those who use laptop today in making money started with there phones…

With that said, let’s move to ways to make money online quickly.

5 Ways to Make Money online in Nigeria easily

In this article, i will show you 5 ways to make money online in Nigeria easily.

Well, before we get started don’t forget the saying that to make money online you need to take risk!!

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Most of the platforms i will be mentioning here will be a free to join platform that cost you nothing then just to keep making use of them.

  1. You can make money from Piggyvest when you refer a friend to join using your link
  2. You can make close to N50,000 from Kuda Bank Nigeria a banking app also just like Rubies bank by just referring your friends to join
  3. You can sign up for forex training and become a expert in forex and make millions of dollars weekly
  4. You can sign up for jumia and konga affiliate program and sell products already avaliable on the platform when they buy using your link you get commision
  5. You can start telling gift cards and bitcoin for money when you buy.

Well, the above mentioned are the 5 ways to make money online in Nigeria but we have more legit means also waiting for you to explore.

Bonus: You can also make money by developing amazing website for companies and if you can’t develop one while not sign a deal with someone who knows how and you get a bonus when refer a client to the person.

Thanks for reading this article, please leave a comment if you enjoyed it and also if you having any issue with any of the methods i mentioned above.

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