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Introducing 9ja Cash Loan App in Nigeria

by Abioye Shinaayomi
9ja Cash Loan App in Nigeria

Hey guys It’s been a while but today I’m introducing 9ja Cash loan app to y’all. Well, today I was scrolling through Twitter and I saw a thread on how hard it is to take loans in Nigeria and very quickly I did a research on applications and websites that can give easy loans in Nigeria without a lot of stress and I came across a lot of apps but I’ve picked only one out of all those apps and I’m sharing with you how to take loans using the application right now in very easy steps.

Taking loans using the 9ja cash loan app is very quick and you don’t need to give in a lot of details like some other applications will force you to give. I wasn’t talking about OKash. Oh… Was I? Well, let’s delve into what the 9ja cash loan app is and the requirements to take a loan using the application.

What is 9ja cash loan app?

The 9ja cash loan app is a very simple mobile application that helps Nigerian individuals to get a loan very quickly and without hassle. The app is compatible with almost all smartphone devices and is one of the top financial applications on the Google Playstore for Android users. They have a simple mission which is:

  • Helping Nigerians get loans up to 10,000 for starters without collateral
  • Giving loans without any hidden charges
  • Application for loans take only seconds
  • Getting an increase in loan limits with every loan repayment
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Requirements for using the 9ja cash loan app?

  • A good working Android smartphone
  • A good data connection
  • A working bank card (Mastercard or VISA)
  • A real-time selfie to verify your identity
  • Permission to access some of your phone’s data – 9ja Cash makes getting a personal loan very simple by using the information stored on your phone including your SMS history to verify your identity and create a credit score. They simply encrypt the data you choose to share with them to protect your privacy.

Steps to get a loan using the 9ja cash loan app

9ja Cash Loan App in Nigeria
  • Download the application here
  • Install the application
  • Register an account
  • Use this referral code to get a discount on your loans – 10587866
  • Fill out your basic information and submit
  • Apply for a loan in seconds
  • Get your loan right to your bank account and you can choose to repay within 91 to 180 days. Interest on loans ranges from 1% – 34%
  • Increase your loan limit after each repayment of loans.
  • If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please e-mail their team at
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