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How AFF Plan to Innovation and create opportunities in Africa

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

Most who don’t know about african fintech foundry (AFF) intiative might be wondering what are they all about, the truth is african fintech foundry boost the technology, health, defense, security, and agriculture sectors of the economy.

African Fintech foundry (AFF) aims to meet the need for rapid and relevant innovation by finding, nurturing and accelerating the growth of Fintech startups in Africa through a custom-designed accelerator program which enables them to fast-track relevant solutions into proven markets.

Fintech means finanical and technology, which means African fintech foundry (AFF) provides, mentoring, business acceleration, training, investment and market access for aspiring African technology entrepreneurs in the Fintech space.

AFF scout the startup ecosystem, conduct open application processes, and leverage their partner networks (global accelerators, financial and technology partners, disparate industry leaders, government and donor agencies etc.) to find promising start-ups and guide them toward the most pressing real-world challenges facing corporate Africa today and in the future.

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Reading the above statement gives you a reason why you should give AFF a chance in your business to help you train your staffs and improve marketing sector in your business.

Innovation TouchPoint from AFF

AFF challenge, guide and progressively demonstrate leadership in the areas of digital innovation, financial technology and entrepreneurship for the benefit of our partners.

The AFF accelerator program admits six technology start-ups a year. Connecting tech startups to investor. You can steer the selection towards start-ups aligned with your corporate strategy.

The AFF DISRUPT Conference is a stage for fintechs, banks and large corporate concerns to collaborate. AFF Affiliate Members shape the content and speak to their stakeholders directly.

The AFF’s Innovation Lab holds regular ideation sprints to formulate and frame the future. Affiliates and members are invited to participate in our brainstorms and idea generation sessions.

At our hackathons we harness the creativity & talent of a large community of developers & experts to propose problems to be solved and presented as working prototypes.

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Challenges To Expect From AFF Hackathon

AFF Hackathon is set to begin a chain of disruptive events which will set the tone for the biggest Fintech event of the year. The AFF Hackathon will bring to light will help drive better industry insights for the sectors and financial services providers.

Trade Marketing Effectiveness

How financial technology can address supply chain challenges (from finished goods to retail) in the FMCG sector. .

Data Mining for Value

Leveraging big-data analytics, Identity management and behavioural analysis to identify customers’ needs, providing investment advice & lending services.

Financial Inclusion

Financial Inclusion for the Agric and related sectors with a focus on improving credit scoring and financing opportunities for small and medium scale operators.

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