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Amazing 15 untapped Lucrative Business in Nigeria 2019


There are over 5000+ business running in Nigeria most of the business is under well-known niches, do you know you can start a business in an untapped business in Nigeria and make tons of money from it.

Have you been a lucrative business in Nigeria? and haven’t made more than a thousand from it monthly then you have to run from that niche want to know why?

A popular business that moves fast in Nigeria means you are in a big competition with others who might be far or near you.

If don’t know how to make tons of cash from a business that moves fast in Nigeria then you need to see the 15 untapped business in Nigeria i got here for you.

We all agree there are many business opportunities in Nigeria just that only a few pick the right untapped business to give them that money.

Most people start a business with a capital of N60,000 below, that’s not new checking out the business is the best before investing in such business opportunity.

Now you have the opportunity to start an untapped business in Nigeria by taking a look at my perfectly made list for you.

Amazing 15 untapped Lucrative Business in Nigeria 2019

There are more than 15 lucrative business in Nigeria but am will be mentioning the best for you, if you have an untapped business you would love to start and its not mentioned here then give me a comment let’s analyze it for you.

1. Mini Importation

Do you know this is an untapped business in Nigeria but am think people are finding it a better way to make money now? You can start your own Mini Importation business and import products like Mobile phones, Laptop, Clothes, Accessories, Shoes and other hot categories. To get ideas for more categories you can keep categories on jumia, konga, jiji and lot more.

2. Livestock Feed Production

Do you know nigerians love agriculture a lot? Have you ever been to somewhere around Iyana-Iba road in lagos to see now farmers have made use of that place by planting and harvesting crops.

Have been in livestock farming? and you dont make much sales then why not dive into Livestock feed production by providing livestock farmers with what they can use to feed their animals, i know of someone who sells livestock feeds and the person has 5 different shops in a different part of lagos.

So what are you waiting for why not join the person in making millions by selling livestock feeds

3. Snail Farming

Snail farming requires low capital for start-up and yields a lot of money. This business can make you millions within a year, also you can start off on a small scale and grow big. Don’t miss these people are making money from this business you can even sell snail to me i will buy, i love snail a lot.

4. Furniture Production

We can’t argue we don’t use furniture in our homes, different homes patronize and use locally made furniture. Even if you’re not a carpenter you can arrange for regular supply from reliable Carpenters while you rent a showroom to display the furniture. A lot of showrooms are available on the road that if you observe a lot as i do.

5. Pure Water Production

Do you know pure water business is another amazing way to make money in nigeria, check this out you are on the road for almost 2hours and no water to drink doesn’t that seem like a good business to start? Tho most individual sellers on the road don’t know water is life they sell gala, biscuit when you need water… Don’t sleep start a business on this.

6. Travel Consultancy

travel consultant also known as travel agent is a person trained in the travel industry to provide advice and services for customers seeking travel solutions for vacation, business or even relocation destinations. so why not become one at least over 200+ nigerians travel out daily thats a good business to start.

7. Logistics Business

Logistics business is the part of supply chain management that plans, implements, and controls the efficient, effective forward, and reverse flow and storage of goods, services, and related information between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet customer’s requirements. So why not start a business on it.

8. Dry Cleaning Business

This niche is a good idea of a profitable business in Nigeria. Right now, there are not too many professional companies that are willing to perform dry cleaning at affordable prices.

After hearing of Wapload dry cleaning services in Edo State Nigeria? Then find out and you should know why starting a dry cleaning business in Nigeria is perfect. 

This business is not expensive to start. You have to stay professional and love what you are doing because many Nigerians would be more than happy to use the dry cleaning from responsible individuals and small companies that can keep their fees lower compared to big ones. 

9. Professional Car Wash

Wow! Do you know there is a lot of cars in Lagos to be specified and most of them find it hard to wash their car in the morning before work, why not make money from them by starting a car wash business?

10. Real Estate Agency

Business opportunities in Nigeria are more expensive, others are less expensive. If you wish to work with property and get connected with the real estate agency, you will need some really great investments. 

While this business idea needs a lot of money, it is still a lucrative option that can make you wealthy and very successful.

11. Event Planning &Design

Event planners get paid a lot of money for planning and setting up venues for weddings and parties Etc Consider investing or starting up an event planning company. Just like the company who set up Google’s event which happened in landmark Event centre ( Launching Wifi Hotspot across Lagos).

12. Employment Agency

You can set up an agency that will help Nigerian companies to source for competent staff to fill up the vacancies in their businesses.You can also source for talent for music companies, Marketing team Etc

A similar online employment agency is jobber man.

13. Beauty &MakeUp Artist

This the best job most ladies are getting themselves involved in these days, you can learn art of makeUp in few weeks. You see the work of beauty and makeup artists when you watch TV, attend a formal event and even when you walk down a city street. 

A beauty and makeup artist, or cosmetologist, may style hair, perform facial treatments and provide beauty makeup application. To become a beauty and makeup artist, you must have the proper background and license.

14. Photography

We all love beautiful photos right? why not take something cool with your camera and get paid for it, you know most companies hunt for photographers while most photographers sell their photos to companies above $35 so imagine selling more than 100 photos a month…

You will be swimming in money.

15. E-Commerce Store

E-Commerce store is not a popular business niche but part of the untapped business in nigeria, we all know about jumia, konga, kara Nigeria and etc. that they offer buying products from their online store and few thinks its a bad idea to start a business in e-commerce in nigeria due to jumia, konga etc existence but thats a big lie you can make tons of money by running an E-Commerce store.

Bonus #1: Poultry Business

One of the very untapped business in Nigeria, if you have done your research you would know nigerians love meat there is nothing they can’t eat in nigeria even snakes they eat it… Lol am not saying you should start a snake business lol if they bite you am not there… 

Well people sell birds, hen etc. and trust me you can even have close to 5 poultry in your state if you promote your business the right way.

Bonus #2: Affiliate Marketing

A lot of nigerians don’t know affiliate marketing business is part of the best means to make online, little investment and large profit in return… A perfect example of an affiliate marketer in nigeria is ProsperNoah. If you wish to start yours you can read my affiliate marketing beginner’s guide.

Bonus #3: Online Tutoring

Those of us who have some talents and knowledge can share it through online tutoring. Such classes cost money, and there are many Nigerians out there who have no spare time to spend on trips around the city but would be happy to study via the Internet. 

What are people willing to study? Programming, coding, digital marketing, copywriting, drawing vector images, starting a websites, languages etc. these are just some lucrative ideas you can make use of including me i fall on this category.

Are you wishing to start a business in any of the above listed untapped business in nigeria? let’s here from you…

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