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Best Crowdfunding Agriculture Investment Platforms

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

In this article, you will see the best crowdfunding agriculture investment platform you can join and make huge money from daily, monthly, and yearly.

Using the investment platform listed in this article you will be able to invest in; start a poultry farm, a piggery, a cow ranch, or better still plant crops, but you are always busy with one or two things and don’t think you can juggle between work and farm?

The truth is there are a number of crowdfunding based agriculture investment platforms that makes it possible for you to own a farm without any manual labor on your part.

Seeing that the African food market is projected to hit the $1 trillion mark in 2030, the role of agri-tech crowdfunding and investments platforms in Nigeria, therefore, becomes highly valuable.

Over the years, several agri-tech investment or crowdfunding companies have provided funding, training and improved seedlings, among others, for farmers.

Is this your first time hearing agriculture investment platform?

Well, Agriculture Investment Platforms are technology backed agricultural platforms that enable investors to easily find promising farms and agricultural companies in need of funding.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. 

Crowdfunding platforms work in almost similar fashion across the world irrespective of their area of focus.

Let’s get started and see the best crowdfunding apps you can make use of.

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Best Crowdfunding Agriculture Investment Platforms

A simple way to see an agricultural investment platform is as the middle man. It connects the farmer and the investor together.

In cases where these farmers do not have adequate skills to scale their businesses, agriculture crowdfunding platforms train them before they are deemed fit to get financial backing.

Some of these agricultural investment platforms have insurance cover for the invested capital, some focus on a part of agriculture like piggery while some focus on poultry and only a few focus on more than one farm animals.

Thrive Agric

Another crowdfunding platform in the country is Thrive Agric which runs with the notion that with one farmer at a time, it would raise Nigeria’s agricultural participation.

The agricultural investment platform does this by letting individuals fund a farm easily with a pledge to bring back profitable returns to the investors.

With this, Thrive Agric leaves both farmers and investors with returns, smiling to the bank.


This agriculture investment and crowdfunding platform pride itself as the pioneer digital agricultural platform in Nigeria that empowers rural farms.

Aside from the training of these rural farmers in modern agribusiness techniques, it also gives them better seedlings and provides a market where their (farmers) products can be sold.

Farm Crowdy (now crowdyvest) started off in 2016 and boosts of empowering more than 11,000 small-scale farmers in the West African nation.

Also, it has the vision of expanding their frontiers to reach more farmers scattered across Nigeria in the coming years thus contributing to the country’s food security and economic prosperity.


Payfarmer is a crowdfunding platform that allows an individual to list their farm and seek for sponsorship from investors with the interest rate stated on the listing.

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Payfarmer is more of a listing site for farmers to seek investment unlike Farmcrowdy that is more sophisticated.

Payfarmer has an online application form for farmers to list their farms for sponsorship. PayFarmer is an online marketplace that connects farmers and investors together. It does not offer any expert advice or assistance to farmers in any way. All it does is to help them get financial assistance.

FarmFunds Africa

Farmsfunds Africa is an agri tech platform that empowers African farmers while making it possible for their investors to make profit while funding a farm.

FarmFunds Africa also offers a premium funding amount. The minimum funding amount is 40,000 Naira and also goes up to 1 million Naira.

It is much more than a platform for investors to invest into agriculture, it is also a farm store for households to order fresh farm produce, foods from.


PorkVest is an Agric tech platform that focuses on pig farming unlike some agriculture crowdfunding tech companies that target all types of Agric investment.

PorkVest focuses on empowering African pig farmers while enabling agro partners and investors to earn a profit from their capital investment.

PorkVest farmers do the rearing, breeding and feeding of the pigs to maturity and are also in charge of processing the pig and selling it to wholesalers, retailers and consumers. Your own role is to sponsor the farm.


Farmally is an online crowdfunding agricultural investment platform that makes it easier for interested individual of the public space to invest into agriculture.

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To farmally, investors can temporarily own a farm for a stipulated amount of time which is determined by the farming cycle and thereby earn a return on investment from the farm.

Farmally operate different types of farms and cultivate varieties of crops and rear animals.

Click here to download Farmally Android App and  iOS app


FarmKart is one of the best crowdfunding agricultural platforms that helps investors to invest in agriculture.

FarmKart farms located in Ogun state is managed by experts in all areas of farming which should be a peace of mind to investors scared of losing their money.

Read more about the platform by clicking here


SmartFarm is a crowd-farming platform leveraging technology to improve food production and create wealth for their investors.

And they do this well. SmartFarm is owned by Ankora Global services. It offers fair returns to investors looking to increase their capital by some percentage.

Click here to visit their site

There are more agriculture investment platform waiting for you to try them out.

Have you ever had any experience with any of these platforms? What was your experience like?

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