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Blogger Guide: How to Delete Labels on Blogspot

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

In this article, you will learn how to delete labels on blogspot easily. Blogspot is a platform owned by Google.

While on Blogspot, you can add different keyword phrases to each post to index your content for faster searching.

Blogspot is much easier to manage and the best platform if you wish not to spend much on blogging then just getting a paid domain.

Adding labels to your post helps organize your blog post properly.

This helps your blog visitors to find the contents they are looking for and also to get the similar contents under that particular label which is cool.

You can easily add labels to blog posts under the Post settings but it is really difficult if you want to rename any of your label name and also if you want to delete any label as Blogger does not provide such methods.

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How to Delete Labels on Blogspot

  • Log into your account at to display the dashboard menu.
  • Click the “Edit Posts” link next to the title of the blog that you want to delete certain labels from.
  • Click the check box next to each post that you want to delete a label from.
  • Click the “Label Actions” drop-down menu above the post list.
  • The bottom of the menu has a section titled “Remove Label.”
  • The section displays all of the labels in the posts that you checked.
  • Click the label that you want to delete.
  • Blogspot displays a confirmation message such as “Label “(name)” removed from 12 posts.”
  • Repeat this process until you have removed all labels that you no longer need.


Blogger automatically delete the labels which are not assigned to any post. So if you want to delete any label then simply unassign it from every post and it will automatically gets deleted.

You have successfully learned how to deal with blogger labels. Now It’s your turn to share your views for this posts in the comment section below. 

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