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Chitika Review 2019: How to Earn From Chitika

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

Have you ever heard of a way to make money with ads on your blog while also using AdSense? Chitika offers that and Google AdSense won’t disapprove you using Chitika on your blog with Adsense.

This Chitika review 2018 will help you make money with Chitika if you got the traffic you got the money that’s what Chitika will tell you.

The FAQs of Chitika is that people want to know if Chitika is legit or not and i will prove it to you…

Most of us get banned by Google Adsense or any other rules we didn’t violate might break our heart, today people find it hard to use Adsense must even quit blogging just because of Adsense but that’s not the end of life right?

Now you should be happy to earn more than $200 with Chitika while adsense throws you away…

Everyone wants to make money from their blog and the fact is you should try Chitika out, this chitika review will tell you a lot you need to know about chitika.

Chitika is an alternative to adsense for bloggers who with less traffic on their blog and can’t get paid easily without been banned, with chitika you get approved easily.

I told you this is a Chitika review i have made a review on about it and they approved me really fast so let’s learn more before you jump into the chitika ad network.

What you will learn from this Chitika

  • How to earn from Chitika
  • How does Chitika work
  • chitika earning report
  • chitika payment proof
  • how much chitika payments per impression
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Leaving here without getting something useful looks like entering a market and not buying anything, so i have made this review as understandable as possible.

How does Chitika Work

Chitika is an ad network that works when you get traffic from the search engine if you don’t get traffic from a search engine I bet you should start getting indexed from Top search engines like Google and Bing.

One thing I noticed is that affiliate don’t fit everyone that’s why when someone says he/her is not making sales via affiliate marketing i know its because the person blog doesn’t suit such.

Chitika is a contextual ad network which means it shows ads relevant to the content on your website, this will improve your click rate and Chitika offers various ad types including mobile ads. Joining Chitika is like joining any WAP ADS in 2mins cool right?

You should be happy Chitika is here to protect you let’s quickly know Chitika requirements.

What are Chitika requirements

  • A blog
  • Search engine traffic either less or high
  • Publish great content
  • An account

Yeah, the requirements are simply easy if you have all then what are you waiting for?

But wait, do you know you can use Chitika with AdSense? and don’t you want to see some payment proof so keep reading let’s learn more…

How Much Chitika pays per Impression

When i say join Chitika just be cool about it and make your money from it, in Nigeria especially most of us don’t earn from our blogs we find it difficult because of been lazy to figure things out that works for us…

Let’s look at how much Chitika pays per 1000 impression now this is one of the most FAQ about Chitika so don’t miss this…

Chitika pays 0 cent to $2 per 1000 impressions, there are factors that affect your earnings per 1000 impressions (also known as “CPM”) 

1. Quality of Your Content: 

If your site has high-quality content that advertisers find appealing, they bid higher for your ad spots – leading to higher CPM. 

2. A scale of Your Site: 

As your site becomes bigger, it gets on more “Whitelists” in large ad campaigns, leading to higher bids. Some large advertisers avoid small sites that they know nothing about. 

3. Country: 

Each country has its own level of advertising maturity. The US market is the most mature. The more traffic you have from the USA, the better your performance will be. 

4. Ad Formats: 

Larger ad formats like 300×250 and 160×600 tend to perform better. If you are using older formats like 468×60 or 120×600, consider switching to the newer formats. 

5. Viewability: 

Make sure your ads are seen. Improve the viewability of your ads and your earnings will increase over time. Advertisers want their ads appearing in the most “viewable” positions. By making your ad unit more viewable, your site will be of more interest to advertisers and they will bid more, thus increasing your earnings. Consider placing ads above the fold. 

Chitika Review 2018: How to Earn From Chitika

If you interested in joining chitika which i know you would be now lol… Chitika website is really responsive and has an easy implementation of ads on your website.

Chitika claims that the sign-up process takes just 30 seconds and we agree that the site is fairly simple and intuitive to use, making it very easy to start earning money online using Chitika.

To join Chitika click here.

After joining Chitika you should receive a verification email in your inbox to verify your account after that you can log in and implement the ads code on your blog content then start earning.

Don’t forget Chitika will review your account and your account will be able to start showing impression after 24 hours i guess…

The terms and requirements for the ad network are fairly simple and easy to follow. The approval is easy and you can read the latest publisher’s terms by clicking “Here”.

Can I use Chitika with Adsense?

Yeah, we finally here, another FAQ about chitika, can you use Chitika with adsense? The answer is Yes. You can show both chitika ads and Adsense ads on the same page. 

As Adsense has stated it that if you choose to use Chitika also then the two ads have to be clearly distinct. 

Chitika earnings & Revenue are lower than those of Adsense.

Chitika Payout & Payment Method

Chitika earnings payout threshold (amount to earn before withdrawing your Chitika earnings) is $10 for payments by PayPal. For payments by check, the payout threshold is $50.

Ok for those who want Chitika payment proof see below: Jide Ogunsanya of Ogbonbeblog has used this program and has cashed out, so why not try it… tho i can’t show you my payment proof now due to i newly registered to make a review about the program..

Payment proof 1:

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Chitika Review 2019: How to Earn From Chitika 4

Payment proof 2:

Chitika Review 2019: How to Earn From Chitika 5

But feel free to use it, Chitika is legit not a scam…

Pros & Cons of Chitika


  • Minimum payout is low
  • Works with all niche
  • Different types of Ads Unit
  • Interface


  • Shows ads mostly on traffic from search engine
  • Limited advertisers

Why Use Chitika?

  • First-time bloggers with low traffic
  • A site with traffic but not accepted to use AdSense by Google
  • Site willing to earn since they have been banned by Google Adsense
  • Earn without stress
  • Chitika is here for you don’t lose it..

What’s your take from this Chitika review? let me hear in the comment box…

Finally we at the end of this article, thanks for reading my Chitika review 2019.. if you have a question please ask in the comment box i will give a reply. If I missed anything on this review please tell me…

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