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Chrome OS 78 released with picture-in-picture support for YouTube


The latest version of Chrome OS, version 78, adds picture-in-picture support to its YouTube Android app.

YouTube’s picture-in-picture mode activates whenever the app is minimized or otherwise covered while a video is still playing.

Chrome OS 78 should also simplify the process of printing from the operating system.

The software now automatically lists compatible printers, without requiring you to manually set them up first. It should also now be easier to save specific printers to your profile for easy access.

Google has also tweaked the operating system’s settings menus by separating the respective menus for your device and browser. 

The former can now be found in the quick settings sheet, while the latter is accessed directly from the top right of the browser.

Finally, the operating system has a new “click-to-call” feature, where it can automatically send phone numbers to your Android phone so you can call them without having to retype a number.

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