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CoronaVirus: When will the Covid-19 vaccine be ready? you need to see this info now

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

While the number of people infected in coronavirus keeps increasing, others are working hard to develop a vaccine to cure it.

So from my research and what i found today, johnson & johnson announced they will be testing their vaccine by september but to me its somehow, will the number of infected people keep increasing till then.

According to the company they said:

The company said it is also increasing its manufacturing capacity with a new site in the U.S. and additions to existing sites in other countries to produce and distribute the potential vaccine quickly. 

now, could this be the cure we have been waiting for?

In addition. U.S just signed a deal of $450 milllion with them. This might be to so they get the vaccine faster to them in U.S before it becomes worse than it is now…

More than 40 companies are busy racing to create a vaccine so they can make huge money from it.

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If you are a programmer, you should join the covid-19 global hackathon this can help you start a means of living while helping people too.

One problem now will be making sure that the vaccine reaches everyone who is infected and they can afford the vaccine..

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