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Download Whatsapp++ for IPhone with android GB whatsapp features

by Joseph Praise

Whats is a WhatsApp Mod?

WhatsApp Mods are simply modified versions of the official WhatsApp app. These Mods usually offer users the possibility to tweak further the look and feel, as well as comes with more unblocked features. Common features which can be found on popular WhatsApp Mods for iPhones include;

  1. Hide the blue double check that indicates that you’ve read the messages.
  2. Hide your online and last seen status.
  3. Customize the interface.
  4. Add a larger profile picture without having to edit it.
  5. Send an unlimited number of multimedia files.
  6. Record audio by tapping the microphone button without needing to press it whilst you speak.
  7. Block the application with Touch ID or with a lock code.
  8. Share music from the device.
Download Whatsapp++ for IPhone with android GB whatsapp features 2

WhatsApp++ is one of the most popular Modded WhatsApp version for iOS users. If you are using an iPhone and have been wondering if it is possible to have a modified version of WhatsApp just like GBWhatsApp on Android, then WhatsApp++ is what you need. The app can be installed without any Jailbreaking, but you will need to uninstall the official version in order to install it.

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