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Dstv Packages and Prices in South Africa


DStv (Digital Satellite Television) is a Sub-Saharan African direct broadcast satellite service owned by MultiChoice. The service launched in 1995 and provides multiple channels and services to their subscribers, which currently number around 11.9 million.

DStv’s own high definition broadcasts, viewed via the HD PVR decoder were launched in 2008. This year also saw the introduction of the XtraView Decoder and the M-NET HD channel.

In 2010 DVB over IP (Digital Video Broadcast over Internet Protocol) and DStv on Demand services were launched. The HD PVR 2P decoder was launched in the same year and M-NET Movies 1 HD was broadcast for the first time. DStv BoxOffice (a movie on demand service) and DStv Mobile were launched in 2011.

DTSV South Africa has a total of seven (8) subscription packages for you to choose from. These are:

  1. Premium
  2. Family
  3. Compact
  4. Compact Plus
  5. Access
  6. EasyView
  7. Portuguesa and
  8. Indian

DSTV South africa Packages

I’m sure you would like to know which channels are included in a package you are subscribing to. To do this, you are required to sign up on the self-service section in the official website of Dstv where you can create your account using only your smartcard number. Once you are through with the registration, you can log in with your registration details to view your package and your account details.

The table below gives a summary of all the packages, their prices and the number of channels include

Subscription PackageNumber of ChannelsCost per ChannelTotal Price
Dstv Premium148R5.46R809
Dstv Compact Plus128R3.97R509
Dstv Compact109R3.53R385
Dstv Family          86R2.89R249
Dstv Access65R1.52R99
Dstv EasyView38R0.76R29
Dstv Indian27R13.88R375
Dstv Portuguesa13R28.84R375

Note: Total number of channels doesn’t include Dstv channel (Dstv 100)

            Total price doesn’t include the monthly PVR access charge.

  1. Dstv Premium Package

This subscription package contains a total of 148 channels, and these channels cut across children’s channel, general entertainment and documentary channels. The subscription fee for Dstv premium package every month is R809

  1. DStv Compact Package

This subscription package contains a total of 109 Dstv compact channels with excellent value for choice and money. It consists of programs for both adults and children. The subscription fee for Dstv compact every month is R385

  1. DStv Compact Plus Package

Compact plus subscription package contains a total of 128 channels which are carefully selected to meet the subscriber’s choice. The subscription fee for Dstv compact plus every month is R509

  1. Dstv Family Package

This subscription package has a total of 86 channels which are carefully combined to meet the need of the whole family, children inclusive. With this package, a family can increase their cord of love since they have lots of exciting topics to talk about at their leisure. The subscription fee for Dstv Family package every month is R249.

  1. Dstv Access Package

This subscription package contains a total of 65 great channels that will serve both adults and children perfectly. The subscription charge for Dstv Access every month is R99.

  1. DTSV EasyView Package

The EasyView subscription package contains a total of 38 channels, with a monthly subscription charge of  R29.

  1. Dstv Indian Package

The Indian subscription package is comprised of 27 incredible channels, and the monthly subscription fee is R375.

  1. Dstv Portuguesa Package

This subscription package contains a total of 13 channels, and the monthly subscription charge is R375.

Despite the differences in the number of channels as well as the subscription charges for each of the subscription package listed above, one fantastic feature about all these channels is the fact that they are all made up of great channels with a high-quality picture on your TV screen.

More Flexibility With Dstv TV Channels

Over the years, many subscribers had little or no chance to choose what channels they would like to watch, and when they would like to watch such channels. But, at last, Dstv TV packages came with the breakthrough. With the Dstv packages, subscribers can now choose what shows they want to pay for, and their subscription plan will be streamlined appropriately based on their choice.

However, if you wish to have this awesome experience with which Dstv package will fit best for you, there is a need to compare the available TV channels in each subscription plan. With this, you are sure not to have a personal viewing satisfaction, but your whole family will bask in the delight of having their favorite channels all the way.

To serve you right, let’s take a look at soon comparison between various DStv packages.

Dstv Premium VS DStv Compact Plus

As you already know, the highest subscription packages are DStv premium and Dstv compact plus, with each varying from each other with a total sum of R300. That’s not all between them. While Dstv premium comes with a total of 148 channels, DStv compact plus has a total of 128 great channels

Again, in terms of channel distribution, DStv premium has more of local and international channels while Dstv compact plus is lavished with amazing local programs, TV series and other movies which is suitable for both the young and old in the family.

The following channels listed below are some channels that are present in the DStv premium package but are not in the compact plus package.

1)   M-Net (101)

2)   1Magic (103)

3)   M-Net Movies Premier (104)

4)   M-Net Movies Smile (105)

5)   M-Net Movies Action Plus (106)

6)   Sundance TV (108)

7)   BBC First (119)

8)   kykNet Nou (146)

9)   M-Net Binge (900)

10) M-Net Plus 1 (901)

11) Discovery Channel (121)

12) BBC Earth (184)

13) 201 – SuperSport 1

14) 202 – SuperSport 2

15) 205 – SuperSport 5

16) 206 – SuperSport 6

17) 211 – SuperSport 11

18) 212 – SuperSport 12

19) 235 – SuperSport Maximo

20) 307 – Nick Jr.

21) 802 – Channel Africa

22) 803 – Good Hope

23) 411 – Bloomberg

To strike the balance, compact plus comes with just one channel which is not present in the Dstv premium package, and the channel is Supersport Play (238).

More so, to further give you a clearer insight into what to expect and what not to look out for, the following channels listed below are not present in both Dstv premium and Dstv Compact plus packages. They are;

1)   450 – Sony Asia

2)   451 – B4U Movies

3)   452 – ZeeTV

4)   453 – Star Plus

5)   454 – SUN

6)   454 – Star Vijay

7)   456 – Colors

8)   505 – SIC International

9)   515 – Record TV

10)   347 – iTV Religion

DStv Compact VS DStv Family

Other packages that would interest you to know more about their differences are the Dstv compact package and the Dstv family package.

In terms of price, the difference between these packages is a total of R135. Furthermore, Dstv compact package contains over 95 channels with lots of live sports, the latest local shows, international series as well as reality TV. On the other hand, Dstv Family package has its peculiarity. It contains over 60 channels with unlimited local and international series, documentaries, movies, and other exciting programs.

Channels that are exclusive to Dstv Compact include this following listed below;

1)   110 – M-Net Movies Action

2)   112 – Studio Universal

3)   114 – Zee Bollywood Movies

4)   115 – M-Net City

5)   120 – BBC Brit

6)   129 – BET

7)   130 – MTV

8)   161 – Mzansi Magic

9)   165 – Ebony Life TV

10) 168 – ROK

11) 171 – Discovery ID

12) 174 – BBC Lifestyle

13) 175 – Food Network

14) 181 – National Geographic

15) 203 – SuperSport 3

16) 204 – SuperSport 4

17) 240 – Ginx eSports TV

18) 303 – Disney

19) 304 – Disney XD

20) 322 – MTV Base

21) 325 – Trace Urban

22) 401 – CNN

Dstv Access Package VS DStv EasyView Package

Worth comparisons are the Dstv Access and EasyView Packages. These packages differ from each other with a token sum of R70. In terms of channels collection, DStv Access has a total of 65 channels, while EasyView is regarded as a start-up channel with 38 great channels.

Other channels that are present in the Dstv Access Package but missing in Dstv EasyView package include;

1)   100 – Dstv

2)   118 – Telemundo

3)   126 – FOX life

4)   132 – CBS Reality

5)   135 – TLC Entertainment

6)   138 – eMovies

7)   139 – M-Net Movies Zone

8)   140 – eMovies Extra

9)   152 – AfricanMagic Epic Movies

10)   159 – eBella

11)   163 – Mzansi Wethu

12)   164 – Mzansi Bioskop

13)   176 – The Home Channel

14)   178 – Fashion One

15)   182 – Nat Geo Wild

16)   210 – SuperSport 10

17)   213 – Supersport 13

18)   239 – TellyTrack

19)   301 – Cartoon Network

20)   309 – Disney Junior

21)   320 – Channel O

22)   327 – SOUNDCITY

23)   340 – Dumisa

24)   400 – BBC World News

25)   407 – Russia today

26)   410 – CNBC Africa

27)   413 – NDTV 24×7

Also, EasyView is unique in its way. It has one exciting channel which is missing in the Dstv Access package, and that is Supersport Play (238).

Useful Tips to Enjoy the Best from Dstv TV Packages

After successfully purchasing your DStv decoder and doing all the necessary registration, and since the anxiety of watching your favorite channels from the comfort of your home is heightened, you may decide to subscribe to the cheapest subscription package. EasyView is the most affordable package you can enjoy with just a token sum of R29 for a monthly subscription. One fantastic feature about this package is the fact that it still comes with thrilling channels and a high-quality video picture and sound quality.

For More Inquiries

You can chat with Dstv customer care agent on Twitter @Dstv. Preferably you can reach Dstv call center representative in various cities of South Africa with the following numbers;

Johannesburg: (011) 289 2222

Pretoria: (012) 422 2222

Durban: (031) 710 2222

Cape Town: (021) 508 2222

To remove error codes on your screen, dial *120*68584#,

With this article, it is apparent that you will no more have a challenge as to which subscription package to choose from since you have all the prices and channel list at your fingertips.

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