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DSTV Subscription Packages, Plans and Prices in Nigeria

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

DSTV has been making wave in Africa and Nigeria as the biggest satellite cable TV, in this article i will list DSTV subscription packages, plans and prices in Nigeria. We will keep updating this post with the latest prices and packages as DSTV releases them.

DSTV packages has evolved alot to meet their subscribers demographics, DSTV Nigeria is controlled by Multichoice.

DSTV has generated lots of subscribers ever since its launch in 1994 and their packages and prices are made cheap to meet low income earners which is pretty amazing.

The lowest package costs just under 2000 naira while the highest package can rise to as high as 15,000 naira monthly.

In addition, DSTV has also added a new DSTV explora to its bouquet offered recently so you can see they keep bringing new offers to make their subscribers love them more.

DSTV Subscription Packages, Plans and Prices in Nigeria

DSTV offers direct to home DTH pay TV services to customers across Africa and boasts of one of the cheapest pay TV packages in Nigeria as well as innovative services like HD channels, HD PVR decoders and a mobile TV service.

Multichoice has added the DSTV compact plus package to target sport lovers to their offerings.

DSTV initial access cost is around N19,900 – N45,000. This will include cost of satellite dish, DSTV decoder, cables and installation cost. This price includes 3 months subscription.

DSTV Packages & Their prices:

Packages / BouquetPrice
FTA Plus₦1,600
Compact Plus₦10,650

For now, DSTV Nigeria offers 6 packages, as you must have noticed from the table above.

Generally, if you make payments — for any of the packages — at an approved multichoice centre, you’ll spend the exact money listed above.

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Price of the DSTV Explora?

The DSTV explora is currently being sold at multichoice offices in Lagos for a retail price of N65,000 (without installation) and N71,300 (with installation). Commercial bouquet is currently N1,850.

  • Explora + Dish Kit + 1 Month DStv Premium Subscription + Smart LNB (N38,300)
  • Explora + Dish Kit + 1 Month DStv Compact Plus Subscription + Smart LNB (N33,500)
  • Explora + Dish Kit + 1 Month DStv Compact Subscription + Smart LNB (N29,900)

If you already have the dish or you want to upgrade to the Explora decoder, you can purchase the Explora decoder alone for N20,000

The second type of decoder is the HD which comes in the following packages:

  • HD + Dish Kit + 1 Month DStv Premium Subscription (N18,300)
  • HD + Dish Kit + 1 Month DStv Compact Plus Subscription (N13,500)
  • HD + Dish Kit + 1 Month DStv Compact Subscription (N9,900)
  • HD + Dish Kit + 3 Months DStv Access Subscription (N9,900)

DSTV Packages & Their List of Channels in Nigeria


FTA Plus is the cheapest package Nigerians can subscribe to on DSTV. This cost-friendly package comes with a total of 6 local channels; more may be added in the future.

In addition to a few Free-to-air (FTA) channels, FTA plus subscribers will enjoy the following channels:

  • NTA International
  • Silverbird
  • AIT
  • Channels
  • MiTV
  • Lagos TV

As we’ve earlier stated, the cost of subscribing to FTA Plus is just 1,600 naira monthly.

By the way, FTA Plus is still a test package.

DSTV Access

DSTV Access is another cost friendly subscription Nigerians can take advantage of. Currently, subscribers pay just 1,900 naira monthly to enjoy all the perks associated with this package.

With DSTV Access, you get to enjoy the following TV channels:

  1. Spice TV
  2. SuperSport Blitz
  3. SuperSport 4 (HD/SD)
  4. SuperSport 9
  5. SuperSport 10
  6. NTA 2
  7. eTV Africa
  8. NTA International
  9. Silverbird
  10. AIT Channels
  11. MiTV
  12. Lagos TV
  13. Wazobia Max
  14. Arewa 24
  15. WAP
  16. K24
  17. Adom TV
  18. Nickelodeon
  19. Disney Junior
  20. JimJam
  21. Mindset
  22. Hip TV
  23. Trace Naija
  24. Afro Music English
  25. Sound City
  26. Fiesta TV
  27. Planet TV
  28. NTA Parliament
  29. BBC World News
  30. SABC News
  31. Al Jazeera
  32. CNBC Africa
  33. Bloomberg Television
  34. NDTV 24×7
  35. EuroNews
  36. CNC World
  37. Arise News
  38. TVC News
  39. Joy News
  40. EuroNews German
  41. NTA News 24
  42. Discovery Family
  43. Nat Geo Wild
  44. CGTN Documentary
  45. Iroko Music
  46. Telemundo
  47. E! Entertainment Television
  48. Fox Life
  49. M-Net Movies Zone
  50. Eva +
  51. Africa Magic
  52. Africa Magic Family
  53. Africa Magic Hausa Africa Magic East
  54. Africa Magic Yoruba
  55. Africa Magic Igbo
  56. Maisha Magic Bongo
  57. Zee World
  58. POP Central
  59. Televista
  60. Trybe
  61. Galaxy TV
  62. B4U Movie
  63. CGTN
  64. RAI International
  65. TV5Monde Afrique
  66. Deutsche Welle
  67. CCTV 4
  68. CCTV Entertainment
  69. China Movie Channel
  70. Shanghai Dragon TV
  71. Hunan TV
  72. Jiantsu Television
  73. Phoenix News and Entertainment
  74. RTP International
  75. Faith Broadcast Network
  76. TBN
  77. DailyStar
  78. IQRAA
  79. Islam Channel
  80. Eternal World TV Network
  81. Emmanuel TV
  82. Dove TV
  83. TV MUndai
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In addition to the TV stations listed above, all Access will gain access to 11 radio stations.

DSTV Family

DSTV Family is a special package designed to meet the needs of Nigerian families. Presently, the cost of subscribing to DSTV family is just 4,000 naira.

Subscribers of DSTV family package will enjoy all the channels in Access, in addition to the following channels:

  1. BBC Lifestyle
  2. Food Network
  3. Disney XD
  4. Boomerang
  5. Cartoon Network
  6. MTV Base
  7. SuperSport 7
  8. SuperSport 8
  9. CNN International
  10. Star Life
  11. Naija Stand-UP Comedy
  12. Iroko Plus
  13. AfricaMagic Epic Movies
  14. Eva
  15. CBS Reality
  16. Fox
  17. M-Net City

In total, DSTV Family subscribers will enjoy 112 channels.

DSTV Compact

With DSTV Compact, you can hardly run out of TV shows to watch. The package unlocks some of the very best sport and entertainment TV Stations. However, it comes at a higher price compared to the previous packages. Currently, the subscription amount for DSTV compact is ₦6,800.

Subscribers of DSTV compact will enjoy all the TV stations on Access and Family in addition to the following:

  1. NickTOONS
  2. NickJr
  3. Disney XD
  4. Disney Channel
  5. Discovery TLC Entertainment
  6. Discovery IDx
  7. Trace Mziki
  8. National Geographic Channel
  9. SuperSport 3 (HD/SD)
  10. Sky News
  11. ROK
  12. Ebony Life TV
  13. AfricaMagic Urban
  14. Tuner Classic Movies
  15. MTV
  16. BET International
  17. ITV Choice (SD/HD)
  18. BBC Brit
  19. Vuzu (SD/HD)
  20. Studio Universal
  21. M-Net Movies All Stars
  22. M-Net Action
  23. Star Life
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In addition, customers who subscribe to the DSTV compact package will enjoy up to 47 radio stations.

DSTV Compact Plus

DSTV Compact Plus is a package created with sports lovers at heart. To subscribe to this package, you must pay the sum of NGN 10,650 monthly. Nevertheless, the price is worth it, considering the number of channels it unlocks.

Subscribers of DSTV compact plus will enjoy all the TV stations on DSTV Access, Family & Compact, in addition to the following:

  1. CGN Documentary
  2. The History Channel
  3. Discovery Channel (SD/HD)
  4. Crime Investigation Network
  5. SuperSport 6
  6. SuperSport 5 (HD/SD)
  7. AfricaMagic Showcase
  8. Eva
  9. Lifetime Entertainment

Furthermore, subscribers to the DSTV Compact Plus will also enjoy a total of 47 Radio Stations.

DSTV Premium

This is the most expensive package DSTV Nigeria offers. It comes with a total of 187 channels.

DSTV Premium contains all the channels on FTA Plus, Access, Family, Compact, Compact Plus, along with the following:

  1. Fiesta TV
  2. SuperSport 2
  3. SuperSport 1
  4. SuperSport 12 (HD/SD)
  5. SuperSport 11 (HD/SD)
  6. Comedy Central
  7. M-Net Movies Epic
  8. M-Net Movies Action +
  9. M-Net Movies Smile
  10. M-Net Movies Premiere (SD/HD)
  11. 1Magic
  12. M-Net West (HD/SD)

Also, subscribers to the DSTV Premium package will enjoy a total of 47 Radio Stations.

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