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Earn 20,000+ with GTbank affiliate Program in Nigeria


Do you know GTBank affiliate program is here to let you make some cool cash online in Nigeria,

I am a GTBank user so trust me when I say my bank is here to offer you the way to make money online in Nigeria, I was browsing through how to get used GTBank online banking login when I stumbled on it on GTBank website.

Don’t let me bore you off with that, GTbank affiliate program is known as GTBank iRefer Program why?

A lot of people are making cool cash from this affiliate marketing program in Nigeria don’t miss out.

What is GTbank Affiliate Program (iRefer) About?

In Slimcase voice, GTBank affiliate program (iRefer) is a customer referral scheme designed to reward our customers for inviting their friends, families, and colleagues to open and maintain GTBank accounts.

In order to use the GTBank iRefer program you have to select from any of the type of referral accounts you wish to open under GTBank:

  • GTCrea8 eSavers Account
  • GTSave Account
  • GTInstant Account
  • E-Account
  • Current Account
  • GTMax
  • Seniors
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Why GTbank called it iRefer

Gtbank named it iRefer because it involves referring family and friends and getting paid, but if you know what affiliate means then you should know the iRefer is similar to affiliate marketing.

How to Join the GTBank Affiliate Program

Anyone is welcome to join GTbank affiliate program and start making more than N20,000 monthly online in Nigeria.

If you wish to join the GTBank iRefer program in nigeria than keep reading…

Before proceeding note you can join either by GTBank Internet Banking Platform or Any GTBank branch located near you.

Let’s proceed…

Step 1: Complete GTBank iRefer form

Like i said earlier, there is only two way to sign up for the iRefer either by internet banking or going to the nearest GTbank branch close to you and request for the form.

I suggest you go to the nearest GTbank branch and request (no one will beat you lol).

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Step 2: Fill and Submit Form

Fill the necessary information on the GTBank iRefer form don’t forget not filling the correct information might affect your application.

Here is the trick to make N20,000 from GTBank affiliate:

  • Refer to as many as possible to open an account

In addition, Please note that the Unique Referral Code for GTBank i-Refer program must be provided by the Prospect Customer at each point of opening the Referral Account before the referral will be recognized by GTBank. Failure to this will lead to loss of reward.

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