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WinApay Review: Earn N5000 Daily on WinApay by Playing Game

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

Want to make cool cash online in Nigeria? Then try this new earning program now called winApay, I will take you around on how to make money from this program and how it works… Trust me this is going to be fun apart from the earning part. I have been in your shoes when we see most affiliate program like winapay and might be thinking is winApay Scam?

If you haven’t forgotten NNU income where you can make more than 50,000 naira by just reading the news, this is another amazing way to make money by playing a game…

72% of Nigerians always believe making money online is a scam or most sites are a scam, but here is the deal why not be part of the first set to make money from that program before it shut down…

Looks like my sweet mouth is too much, let’s go make money on WinApay now!

Earn N5000 Daily on WinApay by Playing Game

How Does WinApay Work

If you really broke I don’t think you can’t afford N200 to play if you can do that on betting why not use that same money on winApay and your earning for that day might be the happiest day of your life to enjoy money… Lol no, forget me oh..

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What is WinApay?

WinApay is an Online IQ website that pays people from 2,000 Naira to 5,000Naira daily for testing their Knowledge and the money enters your bank account in less than 24 Hours. All you just have to do is Login Your Account, choose a category and answer 10 questions correctly to win a Prize to your bank account.

Benefits of WinApay

WinApay gives you the benefit to explore different modes with two different purpose, which include:

1. Free Mode

winApay has given you a free mode to test your IQ before playing in paid mode or before making payments.

The free mode will show you how winApay questions are asked and the categories which the questions come from.

On free mode, you can’t select the category of your choice…

2. Paid Mode

As the name implies paid mode, you pay to get paid…

WinApay paid mode allows you to answer 10 questions and also allows you to allows you to select from the categories of your choice., so I see no reason why you should fail that easy…

Only if you didn’t do an exam in school… Lol.

When you register as a user on winApay. You will need to credit or fund your winApay account with a minimum of N200. You credit your account so that you will be able to play to get Paid.

When you choose a plan of 200Naira, You get paid 2,000Naira if you score 10 Question Right or you get paid back 200N When you score 8 to 9 question correct and 100Naira when you score 6 to 7 question right.

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How to get N150 on WinApay

You get 50Naira for each social media platform you share to. That is Facebook: 50Naira, Twitter: 50Naira, and Whatsapp: 50Naira.

WinApay Affiliate program

You can also sign up for winApay affiliate and get paid, winApay affiliate allows you to invite others to use the program and also give you a reward for inviting them.

But you will need a One Time Payment OF 1,500 NAIRA to register as an affiliate.

As an affiliate member on winApay, you get 1,000 Naira for each friend that register to join the affiliate program through your link.

You will be able to withdrawal your earning anytime, anyday, anywhere as long as you have a minimum of 2,000Naira in your affiliate account.

You will soon be able to Buy AIRTIME, DATA, pay Bill ( Gotv , Dstv, Startime ) with your affiliate earning right from your winApay Account.

Monthly, Top 10 Affiliate earners get a Free Gift PACK from WinApay as a token of appreciation.

Reason Why WinApay isn’t a Scam

  1. You used a miniumum of 200 naira to play ( recharge card money )
  2. You get refunded if you fail 3 questions
  3. WinApay whatsapp customer support is 24/7
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How to Join WinApay?

Now, are you ready to join winApay now and start making money also…

To register on winApay Click here.

Having Issues when Making Payments?

If you have issues while making payments then watch how to do it on this video below.

WinApay Review: Earn N5000 Daily on WinApay by Playing Game 3

Note This before you play

Whenever you wish to play and you have selected a plan maybe N200 a new window will open indicated in the image below:

paid mode on winapay

Do not refresh the page if it fails to load you might not vow their rules.

The questions asked about your favourite category are cheap which means you can’t fail that much and the question is repeated next time.

The Minimum withdrawal is 2,000 Naira and it is processed within 24Hours to your Bank.

Leave a comment if you still finding it difficult to join winApay.

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Wisdom July 2, 2020 - 1:57 pm

Hello Bro, Good afternoon and a happy new month to you. I saw your post about joining winapay and I tried it today but I noticed that when you want to play a paid game, you will be asked for for bank details which I did and after that I am being asked to put my BVN
. I am really skeptical about this asking for bvn number. Please help me out


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