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Facebook Has Decided to Update Its Privacy Checkup Tool

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

This update is coming directly from facebook inc, Facebook has updated its Privacy Checkup tool with four new features to help users improve account security and control how their information is used.

If you could remember the privacy checkup tool has been live since 2014 and the new version is rolling out globally this week.

The “Who Can See What You Share” feature will help users review who can see their profile information, like phone number and email address, as well as their posts.

“‘How to Keep Your Account Secure’ feature will help you strengthen your account security by setting a stronger password and turning on login alerts,” Facebook said in a blog post late Monday.

“How People Can Find You” on Facebook will let you review ways in which people can look you up on Facebook and who can send you friend requests.

“Your Data Settings on Facebook will let you review the information you share with apps you’ve logged into Facebook. You can also remove the apps you no longer use,” said the social networking platform.

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You can access Privacy Checkup by clicking the question mark icon on Facebook’s desktop site and selecting Privacy Checkup.

“We know privacy is personal and we’ve integrated privacy tips to help you make the right privacy decisions for you,” said Facebook.

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