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Facebook Now Allows you to Delete Bulk Post Using Manage Activity Tool

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

Facebook has decided to launch a new tool that allows you delete post in bulk at once using manage activity tool.

Facebook also stated in its blog that this feature would first come to mobile and Facebook Lite app, after which it would be available for desktop. 

This feature might sound out of point, but the truth is. It’s worth using…

This Manage Activity feature is part of the Activity Log section and lets users archive or trash old posts in bulk.

There are filters to better sort the posts as well. In the blog post, Facebook also added that it would continue to build functionality for this tool.

Why use this tool?

 It lets users archive old content that is then not visible to others but is still kept on Facebook for the user only. Users can also move old posts to the trash and these posts will stay there for 30 days before being permanently deleted.

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Users can, however, restore them or delete them manually if they so choose. Further, both these actions can be performed in bulk, meaning users can manage all their old posts at once with the help of filters.

These filters include categories, date, and people, with more options in each of them.

How to use Facebook Manage Activity tool?

To use the Manage Activity tool, go to the Activity Log section and tap on Manage Activity. Here, you will see all your posts in a selectable style list along with two options – Archive and Trash.

Each post can be individually selected and once you are satisfied with your selection, tap on either Archive or Trash.

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