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Five Best Websites For Downloading Free Movies During The 21-Day Lockdown

by Abioye Shinaayomi

Hey guys… Y’all must already be aware that the Government has put up a compulsory 21-day lockdown for Nigerians and within this period, a lot of you will probably be on the same daily routine; Wake, eat and sleep. Well, it doesn’t have to be so. You can spice up your day with a movie or two. But the problem a lot of people have is that they don’t know where to get movies for free in very high quality.

Well, we at FaqonTech have helped you simplify this problem as we will be bringing to you the top five best websites for downloading free movies during the 21-day lockdown. Let’s get on with the list shall we?

1. YouTube

Five Best Websites For Downloading Free Movies During The 21-Day Lockdown

YouTube is right now used by millions of users. It’s also one of the best platforms where you can watch movies for free. However, on YouTube, you can only find limited numbers of free movies, but if you are a fan of decent vintage movies, then YouTube could be the paradise for you. If you spend quite a few minutes on the platform, you could easily find free movies on YouTube.

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Now, to download movies on YouTube you just need to follow the steps given below;

  • Open YouTube either through the Android application or the web browser
  • Copy the link of the movie you wish to download
  • Go to
  • Paste your link in the search box
  • Download your movie in any quality you prefer.

2. FzMovies

FzMovies is the website with the largest collection for movies on the internet and they didn’t just get this title in a day. They literally have all the movies you might want to watch. From, Cameos to animated movies all the way to TV series. They are the best for downloading movies from any source or time. They have movies dating as far back as the 1950’s.

They have search options like; Search by Director name, Search by Movie title, Search by Starcast among others.

3. FMovies

Five Best Websites For Downloading Free Movies During The 21-Day Lockdown

FMovies is a relatively new website from where you can watch free movies. Fmovies is by far the best free movie streaming sites which doesn’t show any pop-up or any ads. The interface of the website is also very clean and simple. You can find movies of different genres to watch like action, comedy, history, sport, horror, romance, adventure, mystery, etc.

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4. CoolMovieZ

CoolMovieZ is an old website from where you can also download free movies. It is also one of the top best movie download websites you can find out there. They also offer a wide range of movies and they have a very easy download process with high quality moves present.

The best feature of this website is that they compress the download size of their movies but still show the same movies in very high quality.

5. Sony Crackle

Five Best Websites For Downloading Free Movies During The 21-Day Lockdown

This is not be a movie download website but a movie streaming website. But, we had to add this website here because it has a wide range of features that can count as a movie download website. They offer free streaming with very high quality movies present. This website also does not consume a lot of your data while you are streaming movies.

When it comes to the Best Movie Streaming Sites, nothing can beat Sony Crackle. On the site, you can find both old and new movies to watch. The great thing about Sony Crackle is its interface which is beyond amazing. However, all of the movies shared in Sony Crackle are legal and comes with proper licensing.

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That was easy-to-get right??? Well, we hope it was. Thanks for reading our article on “Five Best Websites For Downloading Free Movies During The 21-Day Lockdown” and if any of the websites mentioned above does not suit you then, you can either read another article HERE; or, you can drop a complaint comment for us below, and you can also send us a message using the Telegram button below.

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