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Full List Of Nigeria Postal Codes (See Easy To Read List 2019)

by Abioye Shinaayomi

Hey guys… Looking for the full list of Nigeria postal codes for all Nigeria states?  The Full list Of Nigeria postal codes is here. The Nigeria Zip code must always be a required field when you’re probably filling online forms such as, Filling job application forms, Online survey forms or any other online forms. A lot of individuals make the big mistake of filling 234 as the Nigeria Zip code, this is totally wrong.

ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) codes apply to the United State only. 234 that many regard as the Nigerian zip code is actually the international dialing code for all Nigerian phone numbers.

Full List Of Nigeria Postal Codes

Postal codes in Nigeria are in numeric form, consisting of six digits. NIPOST, the Nigerian Postal Service, divides the country into a simplified nine regions, which make up the first digit of the postal code. The second and third digits, are the dispatch district for outgoing sorting. The last three digits of the code simply represent the delivery location.

A delivery location can be any of the following; a rural area, a post office facility or an urban area. The main postal head office in each of the regions will have a postal code ending in the number 0001, so, Ikeja HO in Lagos has 100001. The lowest postcode is 100001 and the highest is 982002.

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Note that: Postal code in Nigeria is also known as Zip (Z= Zone; I = Improvement; P = Plan code).

If you put in a state as your current state of residence and enter a Nigerian Postal code that doesn’t match that state then, you’ll surely get an error message. It will most likely interest you to note that, incorrect Nigerian Zip code can cause mailed goods to get missing or get delayed in delivery.

To help you avoid this very grave problem in the future. I have simply compiled the list of all Nigeria Postal codes below.

Full list of Nigeria Postal Codes by state

  1. Abuja (FCT) ,Nigeria: 900001
  2. Abia State ,Nigeria: 440001
  3. Adamawa State ,Nigeria: 640001
  4. Akwa-Ibom State ,Nigeria: 520001
  5. Anambra State ,Nigeria: 420001
  6. Bauchi State ,Nigeria: 740001
  7. Bayelsa State ,Nigeria: 560001
  8. Benue State ,Nigeria: 970001
  9. Borno State ,Nigeria: 600001
  10. Delta State ,Nigeria: 320001
  11. Ebonyi State ,Nigeria: 840001
  12. Edo State ,Nigeria: 300001
  13. Ekiti State ,Nigeria: 360001
  14. Enugu State ,Nigeria: 400001
  15. Gombe State ,Nigeria: 760001
  16. Imo State ,Nigeria: 460001
  17. Jigawa State ,Nigeria: 720001
  18. Kano State ,Nigeria: 700001
  19. Katsina State ,Nigeria: 820001
  20. Kaduna State ,Nigeria: 800001
  21. Kebbi State ,Nigeria: 860001
  22. Kogi State ,Nigeria: 260001
  23. Kwara State ,Nigeria: 240001
  24. Lagos (Island) ,Nigeria: 101001
  25. Lagos (Mainland) ,Nigeria: 100001
  26. Nasarawa State ,Nigeria: 950001
  27. Niger State ,Nigeria: 920001
  28. Ogun State ,Nigeria: 110001
  29. Ondo State ,Nigeria: 340001
  30. Osun State ,Nigeria: 230001
  31. Oyo State ,Nigeria: 200001
  32. Plateau State ,Nigeria: 930001
  33. Rivers State ,Nigeria: 500001
  34. Sokoto State ,Nigeria: 840001
  35. Taraba State ,Nigeria: 660001
  36. Yobe State ,Nigeria: 320001
  37. Zamfara State ,Nigeria: 860001
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