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Glo Finally Increases Volume of Data Allocation

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

Glo Nigeria popularly called Grandmaster of Data have decided to introduce something new to its subscribers by increasing data allocation due to staying at home.

This statement was made on Thursday in Lagos, Glo said extra data will be available to its subscribers who buy any of its data plans.

Now new customer who buys a daily data plan of N50 will get additional data of 18MB, making a total of 50MB as against the former data value of 32MB.

The bonus includes 5MB of data useable at night between the hours of 12 midnight and 5 a.m.

Any glo subscriber who buys a daily data plan of N100 will now get 150MB, which will include 35MB of night data value.

Subscribers who buy the N500 data plan, valid for 14 days, will get 1.35 GB of data, instead of the 1GB they used to get before. A night time bonus of 550MB is part of the new package.

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While, Subscribers who go for the N1,000 monthly data plan will receive a whopping 2.9GB inclusive of 1GB of data useable only at night.

There are other data bundle options up to N20,000. For instance, 12GB of data has been added to the N20,000, bringing the total to 138GB instead of the erstwhile 115GB.

The company stated that its data offers are currently the best at the market both in terms of the price points and the quality of the data service.

“The prevailing Covid-19 pandemic entails much more being done online by data users. People require reliable and affordable internet services to be able to work, shop, study, socialize, and do business transactions online. This is why we have empowered them with additional data value for every purchase made on our network,” the operator said.

Interested customers are required to dial *777# for a data plan of choice which can be bought at

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