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Google App Recently Launched Socratic for Students


Google has finally introduced a revamped Socratic app after acquiring it last year. The app is now powered by Google AI, offering tonnes of new features, and resources to help high school and university students.

The new Socratic by Google app is now live on the App Store for iOS users and is said to be made available for Android users this fall. With this app, students can solve tough maths equations or physics problem and it even offers a range of guides and study material to those interested.

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For students who want to learn even more, the app breaks down the concepts into smaller, easy-to-understand lessons. It pulls information from top educational resources, YouTube, and even offers in-house user answers that have been submitted over time.

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The new Socratic by Google app now lets students take a photo of a question, and find answers on the Web through relevant and credible resources. Students can also use voice commands to ask problems and find answers via the Web.

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The app also helps students understand tough content. For example, if they’re struggling to understand textbook content or handouts, they can take a picture of the page and check out alternative explanations of the same concepts.

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The Socratic by Google app has over 1,000 plus subject guides on higher education and high school topics like Biology, Physics, Algebra, Geometry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, and more.. It lets students revise or study a particular topic by just going through key points, and also offers deeper resources on the web if the student wants to learn more.

The useful redesigned app, as mentioned, is now available on the App Store, and will be made available for Android users on Google Play this fall.


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