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Google Doc, Sheets and Slides Gets Dark Mode on Android

by Ayorinde Ayodeji
google dark mode

Recently, Google introduced its dark mode to other apps like Google doc, Google sheets, Google slides on android. This apps now support dark mode on android.

Google is rolling out a dark mode for its Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps on Android starting today.

The tech giant says all Android users will gain access to the dark theme within the next two weeks. Users can activate the dark theme on Docs, Sheets, or Slides by going to the respective app’s settings.

Dark mode helps reduce screen light which plays an important role on devices today.

Google also says that the apps will automatically use your system theme, meaning if your device already has dark theme enabled, you will not have to enable it manually in these apps.

In their words, “Dark theme will intelligently adjust the product interface and user-generated content in ways that can make it more usable in low-light environments and save battery life,” said Google.

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You can also turn dark mode on or off for Docs, Sheets, or Slides independently. If you do this, each app will always be in the selected theme regardless of the Android system settings. 

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