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Google Introduces Invite Link Feature to Google Duo on Mobile

by Ayorinde Ayodeji
google duo

So everyone has been asking when is Google introducing the invite link feature on it’s Video conference app “Google Duo” and finally they decided to implement the feature.

This feature has been existing on Zoom for a every long time, Google seems to be competing with Zoom to become the best video conference app in the world.

Recently, Google enabled the creation of Google Duo accounts with phone number and now a lot of users are already making use of this feature.

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The invite link feature not only makes it easier to add people to a group video call but also makes the mobile-friendly app more competitive at a time when dependency on video calling is at its peak.

This is Google’s way of making group video calls easier by simply sharing a link with others. To get the link, you can create a group in the Google Duo app and the link will show up right there. This link can then be shared with people you want to invite for the call.

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Additionally, if a group has already been created, you can get the link by tapping on the ‘Share’ icon on the top. And, if a call in underway, tapping the three dot menu icon will show a ‘Share’ option as well.

The invite link feature currently only works on Android and iOS.

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