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Google launches Gallery Go, Lightweight, Offline version of Google Photos


Gallery Go is the newest app launched by Google to support Google Photos which is meant for people with a slow internet connection or no connection at all to quickly edit their photos.

Unlike Google’s regular Photos app it uses machine learning to organize your photos. You can also use it to auto-enhance your pictures and apply filters. The difference is that Gallery Go is designed to work offline, and takes up just 10MB of space on your phone.

Gallery Go is just the latest lightweight version of an app designed for developing markets like here in Nigeria, where Google announced the new app. Facebook has produced “Lite” versions of the main Facebook app, as well as Messenger and Instagram, and Twitter has done the same with the Twitter Lite app.

Google has even done something similar on the OS level with Android Go, a lightweight operating system based on Android that’s designed to run on inexpensive smartphones lacking powerful processing.

Gallery Go works offline and helps users find, edit and manage their photos and it organizes them offline. You can as well call it the lite version of Google Photos just as we have Facebook lite.

The app takes just 10MB of space from your phone and uses machine learning to auto-enhance and organize your photos.

Google’s new photos app is available now to download in the Play Store. To run it, you’ll need a device that’s running Android 8.1 Oreo or higher.

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