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Google Pay Now Sends SMS Alerts To Help Users Transact Securely

by Abioye Shinaayomi

Hello World and Happy New Month… I’m guessing a lot of you use Google pay right? If you aren’t then, you can get the application here;

To use the app your Android device must run Android Lollipop 5.0 and above

The Google pay (Formerly Android Pay) service was released at Google I/O in 2015, 3 years ago. The app was a successor to and built on the base established by Google Wallet which was released in 2011. To help customers easily identify any suspicious transactions, Google Pay will now ship app notifications as well as SMS to inform users each time they receive an acquire request to focus on, that approving the request will deduct cash from their bank accounts, Google on Wednesday introduced.

Google Pay Now Sends SMS Alerts To Help Users Transact Securely

The additional notification has already been launched in India.

“We are mindful that at Google Pay, users are entrusting us with their most sensitive asset – their money. We are conscious of the responsibility that comes with this trust,”.  Ambarish Kenghe, Director, Product Management, of Google Pay said in a blog publish on Wednesday.

“The above security features, and a lot more ongoing work in this direction, are a small example of how we keep our users safe,” Kenghe said.

In the last two years, instant bank-to-bank transfers by way of Unified Payments Interface have grown to be the most well liked form of payment for thousands and thousands of Indians, with many customers adopting digital payments for a first time.
Google Pay comes provided with a number of Google’s security infrastructure together with rip-off protections, the company noted in the blog post.
It uses Machine Learning-based scam prevention models, and also displays explicit “scam” or “stranger” warnings if a user receives a request from someone suspicious or not in their contacts, Google said. 
Apart from the Scam/rip-off protections, Google pay now has some other security features…

Google Pay’s security features

  • Exhaustive risk relations check to block fraudsters
  • Secure access via PIN
  • Prominent warnings during collect requests.
  • The device has to be within 4 cm of the reader so you can’t accidentally pay for someone else’s purchases.
  • There is a unique code for each transaction which prevents it going through twice. Even if you accidentally tapped twice you will not be billed twice.
  • The cards have a secure encryption technology which protects your card data from being compromised.
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Did you know; Google Pay was originally called Google Tez back then in India.

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