Home Tech News Google Pixel 4 Gets ‘Require Eyes to Be Open’ Face Unlock Setting

Google Pixel 4 Gets ‘Require Eyes to Be Open’ Face Unlock Setting

Google Pixel 4 Gets 'Require Eyes to Be Open' Face Unlock Setting

Google has reportedly now released a new setting for the Google Pixel 4s face unlock feature now, as it appears in the settings. The feature is being dubbed “Require eyes to be open”, and, it would only authorize face unlock when the users eyes are open.

The option can be found in the settings open if you search for “eyes” in your Google Pixel 4’s settings. Very unfortunately, tapping the option takes you to the popular regular Face unlock screen, where the setting is still nowhere to be found.

It is pertinent to note that the Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL both came with the new radar-based hardware under the “Project Soli”.

With it, it promised motion-based controls and 3D face unlock. It delivered both, but strictly half-baked. One of the most condemned aspects of “Project Soli” is that face unlock will unlock the device even if the user’s eyes are closed.

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