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Google Rolls Out Google Meet Noise Cancellation Feature for Its Web Version

by Ayorinde Ayodeji
Google Meet noise

Google Meet is known for it’s Video conference meetings and today Google has decided to introduce a new Feature to the Web version of Google Meet. This new feature automatically removes background noise during a video call. 

The noise cancellation feature was first announced back in April and it is now reaching its Web client first, and will later come to Android and iOS devices.

Google Meet in the last two months has announced several updates as the platform is witnessing a massive growth in its userbase owing to the coronavirus pandemic.

A lot of companies seems to be using the Google Meet app in hosting events during this pandmic.

The AI-powered feature intelligently filters out background distractions such as dog barking, pen-clicking, and more. It was also added that the noise cancellation on Google Meet will be first rolled out to G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Education customers.

How does the Noise cancellation on Google Meet work?

Speaking about the noise cancellation feature, G Suite’s Director of Product Management Serge Lachapelle told Venture Beat that similar to speech recognition, which requires figuring out what is speech, this feature relied on machine learning to understand what constitutes as noise and a speech.

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