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Google Shows Shopping Results for Guns, Contrary to its Policy

by Abioye Shinaayomi

Despite the trauma after the recent Texas mass shootings, Google is still showing shopping results for 100-bullet magazines (mags), despite stringent policies against gun ads.

Way back in 2012, Google imposed a ban on all gun-related advertisements. The Google advertisement (ad) policy strictly prohibits ads whatsoever for any part or gun components other than those parts designed to increase its safety.

Just currently, a search for “AR 15 mod” does not turn up any Google search results, probably because it has been de-listed by a manual filter, but spelling out the “fifteen” in alphabetical form brings up some pages of sponsored, shoppable products, eluding that same block, the report said.

“We have strict policies that govern the kinds of ads we allow on our platform, and ads for guns or gun parts are a violation of those policies. When we find ads that violate our policies, we remove them,” the report quoted by a Google spokesperson as a saying while justifying its efforts.

Earlier in 2018, a little while after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Google displayed AR-15 bump stocks as buyable shopping results.

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At the time, the company admitted that the ads were a mistake caused by “human error.”

To compensate for its mistake, Google banned all results related to the word “gun”, including all merchandise from music groups like Guns N’ Roses and Sex Pistols, and also the popular anime Gundam.

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