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Hackers Publish iOS Jailbreak That Supports Almost All iPhone Types

by Abioye Shinaayomi
Hackers Publish iOS Jailbreak That Supports Almost All iPhone Types

Hackers publish iOS Jailbreak That Supports Almost All iPhone Types. You saw the title right? Hackers in a hacking group called – Unc0ver just published an iOS Jailbreak that supports all iPhone types, Well, this kind of hacking will undoubtedly be of advantage to some people but this will also affect a lot of people negatively. A popular iPhone cracking team developed an iOS jailbreak pattern that jailbreaks all iPhone versions including the most recent version. Apple iOS is known worldwide for it’s high security and as at now I guess that record has successfully been breached.

The pattern can reportedly jailbreak all versions of iOS from iOS 11 to iOS 13.5. Leading developer Pwn20wnd spoke to Wired to explain that the jailbreak versions are completely stable and they do not prevent users from accessing any Apple services at all. The hacking group claims that it also preserves Apple’s user data protections. The jailbreak basically just adds exceptions to the existing rules.

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This jailbreak was released only a day ago, and Apple will most probably patch the failings and shut the jailbreak quickly. These hackers have essentially spotted a zero-day vulnerability and didn’t reveal it to Apple in advance. The flaw is reportedly inside of iOS’ kernel, and Pwn20wnd claims that it is going to take Apple two to a few weeks to get a hold of a repair for their breached program. If true, this would be the first ever jailbreak to be had for the present iOS version for quite a long time.

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