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List of 7+ Best High Income Skills in Nigeria

by Ayorinde Ayodeji
high income skills in nigeria

I know it’s really hard getting a high paying job in Nigeria but in this article we looking at high income skills in Nigeria that can fetch you lots of money as expected quickly.

If you are currently looking for high paying skills in Nigeria in other to secure a job well, you should check this list. I have cooked something amazing that can help you get started with something new.

This days, everyone is finding it difficult to get a high paying jobs in Nigeria but with this high income skills in Nigertia you can achieve anything.

So, Let’s get started.

Before we get started, have you ever wished to start making money from forex? Well, i have a video for you to watch on 5 mistakes to avoid in forex as a beginner.

If you enjoyed the video, let’s continue…

Below are the trending high income skills in Nigeria and i hope you enjoy it.

Best High Income Skills in Nigeria


This skill is what made me who i am today, programming is not something easy but with your time you can become something extra-ordinary. You can develop different softwares and even applications, don’t get be wrong just not mobile applications but also web applications.

I have discovered that every business will surely need a website and this is where you as a programmer come in or you might even be told to develop an App for an hospital or something.

Well, you could even develop and design a Blog like this too for an individual who need. Programming is #1 high income skills in Nigeria only if you know to make use of it.

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Digital Marketing

It’s not just about advertising for business offline or placing banners on billboards but with digital marketing you can acquire alot like advertising for business online using social media or even placing ads on blogs for companies.

Well, if you need to place ads on this blog don’t forget to contact us.

Digital marketing is also one of the most asked skills online today, everyone wants to generate sales and the only way is to keep promoting. So keep it in mind companies will keep contacting you to help them advertise or manage their social media accounts.

Project Management

Yeah, project management…

This is one lucrative skill in Nigeria today, every business must have a project manager to help manage a project and you as a project manager you will be needed to help make it sucessful.

Do you know you can acquire a degree in project management? This can also boost your CV to A+.

Everyone is free to manage their projects but with the help of project manager the stress becomes less which gives them time to focus on other pressing issues.

Graphics Design

Well, as a graphic designer you will always get job offer here and there. This makes graphics designing one of the best high income skills in Nigeria. Every company need a graphic designer to help in designing something amazing it could be a logo, or a banner or even a flyer.

LOL, who knows you could even design my wedding invitation card… Buh am also a graphics designer tho, but i don’t get worried i can always give job offers to you as a graphics designer.

Well, but the fact is; graphics designing is really worth doing an you should leverage on it because alot of people are really on this skill so getting clients is not difficult you will always see someone who need graphics work.

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Video Editing

This is something i do also, i am a Youtuber so i have to keep creating new contents for my channel and there is no way i wont come across editing those videos before uploading thats where video editing comes in.

Not just only video editing for youtube but also you can edit music videos, yeah you know they earn alot.


Those who edit music video for popular celebrates like Davido, Wizkid and co… So starting a career in video editing is worth doing, you can even start a career on it and even work with top companies like editing movies, but please do me a favour when editing Nigerian movies… please do it properly.. LOL

I have watched lots of Nigeria movies that i do blame the editors why this kind of editing, so please high qulaity editing speaks alot and gives you a boost.

This is also one of the high income skills in Nigeria because we watch lots of movies daily or even weekly.

Business development/ Consultancy

Have you ever tried to advice a business owner? I believe you can agree with me that there was a time you wished to own a business or to become a CEO while you were small?

Yes right? So let’s see what you got becoming a business consultancy.

Well, not everyone has the skill to build the business to the height it needs but with the help of business consultancy advice, it’s all possible. You can offer your services to startups that need to grow and trust me it pays when you do such.

UI/UX Designing

WOW!! What I also love doing, Well, I design UI for Websites, Apps, and a lot more. If you wish to learn how to learn UI/UX Designing, you can watch my Course on youtube here.

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UI Design stands for User interface Design while UX Design stands for User experience Design, well both are used to express how you want your user to feel while using your product either a website or an App.

Trust companies hunt for UI/UX Designers to help them develop an amazing design for their websites or App. The so called tech gaints like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter… They all make use of UI/UX Design to help improve their designs thats why you keep seeing new Facebook layout.

It’s something you should definitely start doing today.

Conclusion: High Income skills in Nigeria

Well, above is are the high income skills in Nigeria currently. They are also the top high paying skills in Nigeria anyone can pick and start making money from either individually or working for a company. But working for as a freelancer pays when you own any of the skill mentioned above.

Unlike me, i have all the skills mentioned above and i make money from them. So you too can also start making money from it and become great with it.

If you are not satisfied with the list above you can also comment below for more valuable high income skills in Nigeria.

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