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How To be Eligible for 1gb for N200 MTN Welcome Back Offer

by Joseph Praise

What is MTN Welcome Back Offer?

The MTN Welcome Back Offer is a plan that provides cheap data offers for MTN sims that have been inactive on the network for a month or more.

I see this as a way in which MTN – the largest network provider in Nigeria, bring their customers back home.

Data Offers on the MTN Welcome Back Offer

Below is the list of available data offers on the plan.

  1. 250MB 3 – days plan which costs N100
  2. 1GB weekly plan which costs N200 (My choice).
  3. 4GB monthly plan which costs N1000

The reason why I had chosen the 1GB weekly plan of N200 is that it is the cheapest of all this plan. Repeatedly subscribing to this plan four times in a month will give you a total of 4GB at a cost N800. See this as giving yourself a discount of 20%.

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Who is Eligible?

Every MTN sims that have been inactive (i.e, that have not been recharged and have neither received calls nor make calls) for a month or more, are eligible for this data plan.

How do I know If I am eligible?

To know if you are eligible for the MTN Welcome Back Offer, ensure you follow the process below.

  1. Dial *559*65# on your MTN line and wait for the response to pop-up.
  2. If you receive a response saying you’re not eligible for the MTN Welcome Back Offer, don’t panic, I’ll tell you what to do.
  3. If otherwise, then it means you’re eligible and can proceed to subscribe.

How to Subscribe to MTN Welcome Back Offer

To subscribe to MTN WelcomeBack Offer, simply dial *131*65# on your MTN sim and choose the plan you want by following the prompt.

Don’t even try to subscribe on an MTN sim that is not eligible, it won’t work.

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How can I be Eligible?

If you are not eligible and would like to enjoy this offer on your Simcard, you have two options which are;

  1. To make your sim inactive for a month or more. (To remove your Simcard for a month or more) or
  2. Buy a new sim, activate it, and remove it from your phone for a month.

I know you would prefer the latter (smiles).


The MTN Welcome Back Offer is not a cheat and as of now, there is no restriction to the number of subscriptions you can make in a day, week, or month and it appears that it’s not ending anytime soon.

I know you must have heard of the MyMTN Free 500MB Data Bonus. Well, there is a piece of good news about it. It can now be accumulated. One of my friends reportedly accumulated up to 18GB using a trick I will disclose in the future.

Finally, we have come to the end of the topic on how to be eligible for 1GB N200 MTN Welcome Back offer. Let us hear your feedback on it and remember to share it with friends.

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