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How to Become a DSTV Agent in Nigeria

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

I will show you how to become a DSTV agent in Nigeria, Nigeria is the biggest market for MultiChoice and DSTV in Africa as we all know.

Multichoice has being serving lots of customers around the world with different plans to keep them watching their favourite channel and TV series.

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DSTV is an acronym for Digital Satellite Television, owned by MultiChoice. MultiChoice is one of the largest entertainment and internet company in Africa.

Do you know that MultiChoice DStv makes more than N8 billion monthly revenue from the Nigerian market?

Your answer is probably No.

These statistics indicate the huge market and acceptability of DSTV in the country.

Nigeria being the largest country in Africa, with about 200 million population gives you more reasons why venturing into this self employ ideal is important at this point in time.

There is no difference between being a DSTV agent and a dealer, as both are usually used interchangeably.

Both performed the same functions when it comes to MultiChoice DSTV.

Being a DSTV dealer will require you to first and foremost know what type of agent you plan on becoming. 

Are you ready to become a Dstv dealer agent?

100% sure your answer is yes.

So let’s get started.

There are two types of agents. These types are:

  1. Super agents/dealers
  2. Sub agents/dealers
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The Super-agent or dealer are well trained professional DSTV representatives, that act on behave of the company.

They attain to customer technical issues and provide necessary support and solutions. Super agent or dealer also provide DSTV installation and technical training to the Sub-agents or dealer.

They purchase DSTV materials in wholesale and sales directly to a customer or in a retail form to Sub-agent or dealer.

Both these types perform the same duties. You are expected to:

  • Provide clients with services after you’ve sold them some of the companies’ products,
  • Activate new customers’ access to the network,
  • Sell or exchange decoders for new models,
  • Provide customers with purely technical services, like the installation of dishes (you will need to pass a special training for it),
  • Prolong the customers’ subscription,
  • Render technical and advisory help to clients in every sphere you are competent in (regarding the DStv products, services, warranties, fees, etc), and so on.

Requirements to Become DSTV Agent or Dealer

To become a DSTV agent or dealer, for both Super or Sub-agents the following requirements must be met, they are;

  1. Start-Up Capital: This is applicable for those that want to become a Super agent, unlike Sub-agent that does not need huge capital investment.
  2. Technical Training: The technical training is most needed by the Sub-agent or dealer, this is because the Sub-agent is mostly responsible for the installation of dishes, subscription issues and another form of technical problems. Note that you have to pay some amount for this training by MultiChoice.
  3. Customer Relation: As an agent or dealer, you must possess Customer Relation Skills, you must be able to represent the company in the best possible way. Customer complaints and issues must be carefully resolved.
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DSTV Agents or Dealers are normally located in both large cities and towns. This is because these areas are where the customers population is considerably high.

To perform all of these functions as an agent, you will certainly be trained by MultiChoice. You will be trained on the basic technical requirements to be possessed.

There is no cause for alarm or discourage as every thing you need to succeed in this business is made available to you by the company.

This is after having satisfied the franchise fee requirement.

How to Register For MultiChoice DStv/GOtv Agent Training

  1.  Download the registration form from DSTV website
  2. Fill out the form and send it to the company Email shown on that link.

The training requirements of the company, however, involve the payment of a franchise fee to the company. But that is barely close to the first-hand benefits.

Not only that, MultiChoice would provide you necessary required steps and materials needed to get you started as their dealers or agents.

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To emerge as a qualified installer after the registration, the applicant:

  1. Must attend technical training courses held by MultiChoice
  2. Must pass his formal assessment examinations.

Those of you who are currently serving your nation or on break or are still yet to put your hands on something tangible, you can simply take advantage of this.

The reason why there is great potential for growth is because of the acceptance the DSTV brand has gotten from Nigerians.

Operating under the brand name alone is seen as a big deal. 

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