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How To Create WhatsApp Stickers 2019


Hey Guys… Today i’ll be showing you “How to create WhatsApp stickers”. This article will show you a number of ways you can easily make/create different WhatsApp stickers of your choice using different methods that will be listed below.

It’s a good thing Social media giant, WhatsApp finally released this feature as it makes WhatsApp a whole lot fun for you, your friends and family. You can without restrictions virtually use anything to create stickers of your choice. Even your own image. Cool right? Well, not a lot of people actually know how to do this? Can you? Well, i guess you wont be reading this if you had an idea would you? Okay…. We’ll get on with the steps on how to create WhatsApp stickers after you read a very short… probably a bit long history or what nots.

WhatsApp Messenger is a freeware, VoIP service owned by Facebook Incorporated. It easily allows its users to send text messages, voice messages, make both voice and video calls (With just your Cellular data), and share photos, documents, user locations, and other kinds of media. The WhatsApp’s client application runs on most mobile devices but is also accessible from computers, on the condition that the user’s mobile device remains connected to the Internet while they use the desktop app.

How To Create WhatsApp Stickers
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The WhatsApp sticker service was first launched in October 2018 and this feature was launched for both Android and iOS devices alike. Stickers have been available on some other mobile applications before it was adopted by WhatsApp, but what made WhatsApp’s version of the sticker service the best was that you could customize and create your own stickers. Wow. No wonder there was a really large increase in the number of WhatsApp users that year.

Before we get on with how we can create WhatsApp stickers, we would like to refer you to read an official version on the WhatsApp website on how go about this same process.

Now, let’s skip the boring stories and get on with the “HOW”…

How To Create WhatsApp Stickers on Android

Before we begin; Note that according to WhatsApp, To create your own sticker art, your stickers must meet the following requirements:

  • Each sticker must be a photo that has a transparent background
  • Your chosen sticker must be exactly 512×512 pixels
  • Each sticker must have a size less than 100 KB.

Step one: Download and Install the Sticker maker application from the Google Playstore

Step Two: Tap on “Create a new sticker pack”

Step Three: In case you want to take the credit for creating these stickers, you can name the sticker pack and add an author name for the pack

Step Four: Tap on any of the thirty (30) tiles shown to you and then you can decide to either tap on the; Take PhotoOpen Gallery, or Select File options to select your desired image

Step Five: Now, you can cut the picture into a shape. You can select one of the FreehandCut square, or Cut circle options provided

Step Six: After cropping your image, tap on “Yes, Save Sticker”

Step Seven: Now, you can tap Add to WhatsApp to place your sticker in the WhatsApp application and once your sticker is delivered successfully, you’ll see a confirmation message on screen.

How To Create WhatsApp Stickers on iPhone

Now, here’s how you can create WhatsApp stickers for your iPhone with an Appstore application we’ve handpicked for you.

Step one: Download the Bazaart application on your iPhone from the Appstore

Step Two: After installation, run the app and tap either of; Open photo or Start new

Step Three: Now, proceed to use the application’s inbuilt tools to create and design the sticker of your choice

Step Four: Once you’re done modifying your sticker, tap on the “Share” icon and share to WhatsApp

Step Five: In case you want to take the credit for creating these stickers, you can add your name.

Did you enjoy your short read on our article (How to create WhatsApp stickers) ??? Well, we certainly hope you did. If you didn’t you can drop your comments on how we can improve our services on FaqonTech below. If you did not get any of the methods listed above or, you’re still having problems creating customized WhatsApp stickers on your iPhone or Android devices, you can drop it in our comment section below.

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