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How to Create Your Own Telegram Stickers

by Ayorinde Ayodeji
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Have you ever wanted to own your telegram sticker packs? Well, i will teach you how to create your own Telegram stickers easily.

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Telegram stickers are so amazing they help in making chats interactive and lively. Telegram stickers can include memes, cool graphics or even movie quotes and lastly animated packs.

ISn’t that cool?

What Are Telegram Stickers Used for?

Telegram stickers add more emotions and feelings when you use them while chatting. Let’s know more about them.

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  • Download Telegram Desktop / Telegram Mobile
  • An App to Make Stickers (pics Art, Corel Draw, Photoshop)
  • Telegram stickers must be PNG images with a transparent background, 512×512 pixels.
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How to Create Your Own Telegram Stickers

Now you are ready to create your own Telegram stickers.

1. Design Your Stickers

After you might have designed all your stickers and you are ready to upload them to Telegram. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create Telegram stickers. 


The icon for your sticker pack is optional. If you’d like to have one, design a 100×100 PNG image with a transparent layer.

Each sticker should be a separate image file. Designing and uploading them is easier on desktop than on mobile

Please take note, its important when ever you plan on uploading a new sticker.

2. Install Your Sticker Pack

Once your very own Telegram stickers are ready to roll, find the Telegram sticker bot. You can do that either by following the link above or by opening Telegram and typing “stickers” into the search field.

Click on the chat, and you’ll see the list of commands you can use:

  • /newpack to create a new Telegram sticker pack
  • /addsticker to add a sticker to an existing pack
  • /delsticker to remove a sticker from a pack
  • /ordersticker to reorder stickers in a pack
  • /stats to get usage stats for a specific sticker
  • /top to see the top stickers in your pack
  • /packstats to get usage stats for a sticker pack
  • /packtop to see your top sticker packs
  • /cancel to cancel whatever command you just used
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Click Start to open the chat and start setting up your sticker pack.

Uploading Your Telegram Sticker Packs

  1. Type in the /newpack command and hit Enter.
  2. The sticker bot will ask for the name of your pack. Type in the name and send it.
  3. Now click on the File icon to upload your first sticker. It’s important that you upload it as a file, not as a photo. If you use the Camera icon, the bot will reject the image.
  4. The bot will ask you to assign an emoji to your sticker. Choose an emoji that matches this sticker best and hit Enter to send it.
  5. Keep doing this process when you have a new sticker to upload
  6. When you’re done, type in the /publish command and send it.

Now you can start sharing your telegram stickers when chatting… Telegram doesn’t have a sticker store or any other way for people to browse all existing stickers.

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