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How to download Android 10 to your Smartphone (Easy -To- Follow Steps)

by Abioye Shinaayomi

Hello people… It’s me again and today I prepared an easy instructable on “How to download Android 10 to your Smartphone”. This article was requested by one of our readers. If you wish to request an article then, you can join our Telegram group here; and simply place a request…

It’s no news that the new Android 10 is finally out and is getting ready to roll out to markets with cool stuff like Foldable phones, Face ID-style facial recognition when you buy apps or make in-app purchases and other cool new features.

We recently wrote an article on the Android 10 and the naming system which seems less inviting to the other Android versions. Android 10 (Formerly Android Q) was not given any of the former dessert names that we would have loved but instead it was given a plain name without codes. And, the Android logo was also altered to an extent for some reasons. You can read about that here;

How to download Android 10 to your Smartphone

Pixel Smartphones

How To Download Android 10 To Your Smartphone - Google Pixel Photo

Google Pixel phones have been known to always update automatically with each coming Android version but this might not always be thae case and if it doesn’t update automatically you are going to want to do this manually by yourself. Well, we’re going to show you how you can update your Google Pixel Smartphone to the latest Android 10 with little or no stress at all…

  • Locate the Settings application on your Google Pixel Smartphone.
  • You can now either use the settings search option, or scroll down to find ‘System’. And then you should select the option.
  • Find the ‘Advanced’ tab at the bottom, and open it.
  • Click on the last option which is the ‘System update’ option which you should select.
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Start the Android update and your Smartphone will continue the work automatically from here. Make sure your phone is plugged in or, has enough battery to take the whole process. We recommend you have up to 40% battery capacity before you start the process. You can also connect to a WIFI to avoid using your data connection.

After clicking on the system update option you should be given a little briefing on Android 10 and you should also be given an option to download it. If you meet a blank screen or, nothing is showing up at all then your Smartphone has probably automatically been updated to Android 10.

After some time, your Smartphone will have been updated to Android 10. You’ll have to restart your phone to get its functions to start working properly, but when you’re back in, you’ll be welcomed into the newest Android operating system (Android 10 (Q)).

How to download Android 10 to your Smartphone

Other Smartphones

We’re sorry but for now this option is currently unavailable. At the moment only Google Pixel Smartphone can update to Android 10. The reason is that a lot of other Smartphones run their own interface.

But, you can try a system update on your Smartphone to check if it may probably update to Android 10. To do this;

  • Go to settings on your Smartphone
  • Locate the system update option
  • Click on the system update option…by this time your phone will have to start searching for the latest update of your device
  • Once the update is found you download and reboot your device for the changes to take place.
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