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How to edit Blogger HTML Template in Android (Easy Guide to Edit XML File)

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

You don’t want your blogger HTML template looking so simple, yes its true you can edit blogger html template in android and i will show you how.

I love using my laptop for things like this but i noticed not everyone has a laptop so making use of your smartphone to edit your blogger xml template just got much easier.

Do you know why most bloggers prefer editing with laptop more than Smartphones? well, its due to speed you want to edit more and edit faster while using your laptop but on your mobile phone you get to switch from one character editor to another.

I could remember some days back visiting close to 5 different blogspot blogs and was surprise to see that the designs were not as friendly as it should or what we call mobile friendly.

This article will help newbies who find it difficult editing their blogger template with Google chrome, Mozzila or opera Mini browser. Including me writing this article am not a fan of using blogger editor its not cool and not friendly as i like my editor.

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So let’s get started and see how to edit blogger html/xml file easily on android smartphone.

What is XML file?

The ( XML ) Extensible Markup Language, can be defined as a set of command or rules, for encoding documents in a formats that is readable to both human and machine.

What is HTML File?

The (HTML) Hyper text markup language that is the main markup language that is used for creating web pages and other information like advert codes and some applications online.

How to edit Blogger HTML Template in Android

After reading this article you should be able to edit any blogger template easily, you can bookmark this post to remind you incase you forget the steps mentioned here or the apps used.

  • Sign in to Blogger using your Google account.
  • Choose the blog to you wish to update.
  • In the left menu also called left sidebar, click Theme.
  • Under “Live on Blog,” click Edit HTML.
  • Copy the Codes and Paste in the Editor mentioned below
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If you wish to download the theme, this method is will help you edit the XML file easily. Now here is the main step.

  • Go to Google android playstore and download XML Editor
  • or Quoda an alternative and advance editor for all type of extensione (.HTML, .CSS, #CSS, PHP), You can also try Dcoder.
  • Go to settings and click the back up / Restore option
  •  Download backup and go to the XML editor or Quoda
  • Open new file you download the file will be saved in your downloads folder
  • Edit the blogger template, its just like editing on your laptop

Please this article does not teach you how to edit each line of codes on your blogger template, i believe you should be familiar with editing or writing blogspot template.

All blogspot users should be able to edit or create their own blogger template because setting up blogspot SEO is just like editing your template.

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My comment still stands i love editing blogger template in Laptop than android, thanks for reading leave a comment if you having any issue.


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