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How to Enable Dark Mode on Your iPhone or iPad Devices

by Abioye Shinaayomi

iOS users have constantly been looking for easy ways to enable a dark themed mode on their devices but unfortunately there hasn’t been a fix for this in s long time… But; yeah… its available now.. The brand new blah blah…..

Let’s get on with the point shall we?? With iOS 13, you can now enable a proper system-wide dark mode that’s really easy to execute. With the dark mode switched on, the prominent light background colors used across your iOS will immediately turn dark.

There are three (3) easy ways to enable the dark mode easily… Let’s get on with it…

How to Enable Dark Mode on Your iPhone or iPad Devices (Via Settings)

Now, follow these easy steps to enable dark mode on iOS 13 via Settings:

  • Click on the Settings icon on your iPhone or iPad devices
  • Scroll down the settings list and tap on the Display & Brightness option
  • On the next screen after clicking the Display & Brightness option, you’ll see two options under Appearance — Light and Dark
  • Tap on the Dark option and you’re ready to go
    • If you want to automatically switch on to the Dark mode at certain times or hours of the day, you can tap on the “Automatic” option on the same page.
    • Now tap on Options and you can now either set the schedule from Sunset to Sunrise, or you can set a custom schedule to enable light or dark mode.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Your iPhone or iPad Devices (Via the A.I, Siri)

Here’s the easy steps on how to enable dark mode on your iPhone or iPad devices via the A.I Siri:

  • Just fire up your A.I Siri by ‘long-pressing the home button‘ or calling out by saying Hey, Siri
  • Now you can just say, Turn on dark mode
  • To switch off dark mode, you can simply say; Turn off dark mode after launching the A.I Siri.
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How to Enable Dark Mode on Your iPhone or iPad Devices (Via the Control centre)

Follow these easy steps to quickly enable dark mode on your iPhone or iPad devices:

  • Open the Control Centre on your iPad or iPhone device
    • You can do this by swiping upwards from the bottom of your home screen
  • Tap and hold on the brightness indicator until it becomes bigger
  • At the bottom, tap Appearance Dark. Tap on it to turn it on.

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