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How To Factory Reset an iPhone (See Easy Read 2019)

by Abioye Shinaayomi

Yo guys… Today we’ll be talking on How to Factory reset an iPhone with ease. So, i guess your iPhone is taking a lot of unnecessary space and it’s getting slow or, its already old and you wanna give it out to a friend or a family member or, maybe you even wanna sell it. Well, you don’t want your phone in the hands of a stranger with all your data do you? Nah i guess. You’ll want to wipe the phone completely and let the new guy put his own stuff without compromising your privacy. So, that brings us to the topic “How to factory reset an iPhone”.

How To Factory Reset an iPhone

So, for the less techy people lets start with some brief basics before we move fully into the topic…

What is Factory reset?

Factory reset simply means turning things back to its default settings. In this case, Turning back time to make your iPhone clean and without any data whatsoever.

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Note that:- A soft reset is completely different from a factory reset.

A soft reset is carried out on your iPhone when its getting really unresponsive and a soft reset doesn’t remove any of your data. To carry out a soft reset you can use the steps below;

How to carry out a soft reset

  • Click on the “Settings” icon on your iPhone
  • Tap on “General”
  • Click on the “reset” button
  • Tap on “Erase all settings and content”
  • Tap on “Erase iPhone”
  • Enter your Apple ID password

By now, your iPhone device should have successfully undergone a soft reset without you losing any of your data.

Before we get fully on the topic, I recommend you always back your iPhone device before performing a factory reset.

How to back up your iPhone

Let’s imagine you have got a lot of important or shady stuff you still need in the phone and you wanna keep all your data somewhere… Probably to back it up and dump it on your next iPhone device.

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Firstly, you can back up your device via iCloud.

  • Go to settings on your iPhone device
  • Tap on your name on the top of the page
  • Select iCloud
  • Scroll down to iCloud backup
  • Hit on “Back up now”.

Secondly, you can back up all your data to a MacBook/PC device.

  • Plug it into a computer (MacBook/PC)
  • Click the small device icon on iTunes
  • You’ll should see option to set up automatic backups
  • But, in this case just click the “Back up now”
Note:- This is also where you’ll restore your data back on a new device/phone.

How To Factory Reset an iPhone

By now, I guess you’ve taken my advice and backed up your data before starting this process. Also make sure your iPhone is charged to about 30% before you begin.

  • Click on the Settings icon on your iPhone device
  • Tap on the General button
  • Click on Reset

Clicking on Reset will give you a lot of reset options, but the one you need to totally factory rest your iPhone is “Erase All Content And Settings”.

  • If your iPhone device uses a pass-code, Touch ID or a Face ID, then, you’ll probably need to confirm this action
  • And then, Hit Erase iPhone.
  • Now, you’ll need to login with your Apple ID to ensure that it can be removed from the device and also that Find My iPhone can be disabled permanently.
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Note:- Now, all data on your iPhone device would be erased permanently. And with our talk above, you have probably backed up all your important or shady information.
  • You should wait a few minutes now before you are prompted to set it up as a new device.

And, that’s all. That ends the topic How to factory reset an iPhone“. I guess that was easy to follow right. Well, if you want to read more interesting content then, you should stick around. If you had any problems following any of the steps. Don’t hesitate to drop your opinions in the comment section below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Your satisfaction is our priority.



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