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How to Fix Force Download on Chrome for WordPress


Today, i will teach you how to fix force download on chrome easily. This is most asked question among entertainment bloggers these days.

Force download plays an important role in entertainment bloggers or to bloggers who share files for download on their blog using WordPress.

Most of us face issues like when downloading on responsive browser like chrome, Mozilla downloading music becomes way too difficult for us to download.

So this is the best solution to help solve the problem you facing as a blogger because you want your visitors to be able to download your files easily, especially entertainment bloggers.

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This is a very simple tutorial, so sit back and relax.

How to Fix Force Download on Chrome for WordPress

I will show you two different methods you can use in fixing this force download easily.

How to Fix Force Download on Chrome Using Cpanel

  • Login your Cpanel, go to your file manager where your wordpress is installed
  • locate “.HTACCESS”, if you cant find it on your file manager
  • Use the settings located above and tick the checkbox “show hidden files”
  • Now reload your file manager
  • open the .htaccess directly from your file manager and place the code below at the end of all your .htaccess request.

<FilesMatch “\.(mov|mp3|jpg|pdf)$”>
ForceType application/octet-stream
Header set Content-Disposition attachment

  • That’s all

How to Fix Force Download Using WordPress Dashboard Easily

  • Login your WordPress dashboard
  • If you are using Yoast SEO it’s easy to edit your htaccess from there
  • Go to your Yoast SEO plugin then bulk editor
  • Copy the code above and place in your bulk editor for .htaccess
  • that’s all

Thanks for reading, if you have any question please leave a comment in the comment section, will try and response to all question asked.

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