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How to Get Free ATM Card and Make Money from Rubies Bank


Here you will learn all about rubies bank, how to make money from rubies bank while using it for our banking needs, how to get free atm card on rubies digital bank.

Why go to the bank to send money? well, that’s too stressful… Today I want to introduce how to get free atm card and make money from rubies bank easily, you might have come across alat by wema this is similar to that of alat.

You might be thinking is this another scam, but no it’s verified by the central bank of Nigeria (CBN) and have been using it for a while before I decided to share with the public.

Before i forget I have a question to answer, why go to the bank to send money?

Digital banking is much easier and solves a lot of problems like this, different banks in Nigeria has its own digital banking app but this of rubies is much better and offers more.

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first, let go back to when rubies bank launched 🙂

Speaking during the launch of rubies in Lagos some couple of months back, Yinka Daramola, chief executive officer of QuCoon, the parent company of rubies and a fin-tech company creating a full-fledged digital bank said rubies is creating value, adding that it is not competing with any bank but complementing what banks are doing.

What is Rubies Bank all About?

Rubies is a fully digital banking platform, offering zero-fee banking targeted at millennials, young professionals, SMEs, quasi-financial institutions and fintech companies. Rubies bring new concepts to Banking Technology, Marketing and Engagements Powered by Cloud Technology, AI and analytics.

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The digital platform which enables customers to perform all their banking needs on the go without hidden charges also allows them to gain access to over 1000 ATMs across the country, Rubies is the digital banking platform of Highstreet Microfinance Bank.

The following are some of its features:

  1. An account number can be personalized (some use their phone numbers)
  2. Free debit cards having your preferred name e.g. a nickname. It is also delivered to you at no cost
  3. Money Request – for those who keep on giving excuses of not having your account number or even those that owe you money. This feature allows a customer to request money and instantly get credited from someone’s account number or even phone number. You request money from people, they only approve and you get credited. That simple!
  4. Proximity Transfer – Sending money using location (The new Bluetooth for money transfer)

What makes Rubies different from other banks?

First, the charges is what makes rubies far different from other digital banking apps the cost is driven down to near zero. This makes it possible to waive charges and avoid all the “hidden” charges that traditional banks levy their customers.

For interbank transactions, Rubies charges N21 (instead of N52 that traditional banks charge), this being the cost of the transaction payable to the switches, while Rubies earns nothing.

Rubies is a Banking app on steroids. It provides banking functions much like any other banking solutions but it offers much more than most banking app. Here are some of the things that make it so much better:

  • Social Appeal – you interact with other users on Rubies and get alerted when your buddies join Rubies, Proximity feature allows you to see people around you. The look and feel is sleek, neat and appealing.
  • Money Market – this is where you make money either by investing or providing money to those who need it on loan. Rubies Credit score is growing in popularity as a standard.
  • Open Banking – API-based architecture of Rubies will give it the scale it yearns. Open banking architecture allows smooth integration with fintech companies, SMEs and other quasi-financial institutions while Rubies serves a layer-2 Clearing function.
  • Bank-as-a-service – Rubies Technology is available for use by any other financial institutions playing in Banking, Finance, Technology and FINTECH industries, thus offering the bank as a service.
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Rubies is here to disrupt and give every individual control of their banking experience as well as financial freedom.

How to Make Money from Rubies Bank

  • Download and install rubies on your android or IOS (don’t open the link on your browser when it pops up where to download, instead use google play)
  • Open an account on rubies bank
  • you can either personalize your account number or generate ( mine is my phone number lol..)
  • After that your account is ready, you can navigate and see the features above which I listed in the app.

To make money on rubies you need to be an independent banker first and rubies give a different account number for that, you are not allowed to transfer money to your independent banker account it is meant for receiving a bonus from the users registered under you.

  • You can share your link with friends to join the app

Rubies is really amazing you will enjoy it, you can transfer money within friends using rubies without being charged for it. The bank is still adding more features so stay tuned for more features.

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How to Get Your Free ATM Card on Rubies bank

  • After you might have downloaded the app and you wish to own an ATM card you can request.
  • I Joined rubies same day it launched and also got my ATM card in less than a week same with those who registered under me.
  • you can see my now atm below:
  • To request for your free ATM card click Cards on the app

You might be told to fill in your bank BVN, picture and signature but you are safe like i said it’s registered under CBN.

  • If you noticed BVN can be used on multiple accounts so that’s why you don’t need a new one.
  • Then for the signature, you can sign on a white paper and snap it then upload.
  • After completing all you can request.
  • They should get back to you in working days and then the ATM will be sent to the nearest postal address.

Now you are ready to use your ATM card on any ATM, don’t forget to change your default pin also…

If you have any issue with your rubies bank comment below, or you can contact rubies using the live chat on the app.


    • We have not been updated by rubies team how the loan works yet, but I believe you loaning to your friend maybe if they don’t pay early you get a commission for that

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