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How To Increase Your Android Battery Life


Hello world…yo am back..This time am going to teach you guys how to increase the battery life of your android phone.

Some android users that use devices with low battery life have laid conplains saying there device doesnt last a whole day. This reminds me of when i normally use itel A14  which has a battery life of 1500Mah. I usually get fulstrated because i miss a lot of important calls and messages, but today am going to drop few things you can do to keep your battery life all day long.

1. Always remember to turn of your data after use

2.Sync Settings

Notifications are important. But if you find them intrusive and hate the persistent stream of pings, you should try disabling auto-sync altogether. That way, you’ll only see new content when you open an app and refresh it manually.

Since apps won’t constantly refresh themselves in the background to feed you new information, this can save you a ton of battery life too. To disable auto-sync, visit Settings > Accounts and there, the Automatically sync data options should be available at the bottom. You can also disable sync on a per-app basis in most apps.

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3. Reduce phone brightnessHow To Increase Your Android Battery Life 1

3. Turn off Google Assistance

How To Increase Your Android Battery Life 2

4. Turn off Auto wifi connect

5. Always turn on battery saver

6.  Reduce background running apps

7. Lastly use Good and original charger.(infinix charger is safer and preferrable)


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