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How to Index New Post on Google within 1 Minute

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

Yeah, why read this post if you are not interested in getting your post index quickly? everyone’s dream is to get indexed in a minute on a search engine, most times you get annoyed after publishing a post and you can’t find it on a search engine that same day or a week just because you missing this tip.

So let’s fix this problem you facing now…

Google has updated its search console tool which means you can’t make use of manual indexing to Google, the search console tools BETA now helps you view statistics on your Google webmaster, but there is always a way.

Well, it’s even much easier and better.

How to Index New Post on Google within 1 Minute

I have made this tutorial easier for you to understand and images are added for better understanding. To get indexed on Google you need to have a Google account and your site must be added to the Google webmaster search.

If you have an existing Google account and you have added your blog or website to Google webmaster, well you are half way close to getting indexed.

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After all this is done, you can approach the next step.

Adding Sitemap

You need a sitemap to get indexed on Google, don’t worry we will solve that together.. The interesting part is every blog or website has its own sitemap, to locate your sitemap type “” and you should see something like this below:

Now that you are sure it’s your sitemap let’s add it to your Google webmaster account.

Now login to your Google search console webmaster account and head on to add sitemap if you have not done that.

Click “test” before submitting.

If you have done this step move on to the other step below. Now, this is what you will be doing most times when you publish new articles on your blog.

Most blogs haven’t updated their tutorials so you might still see submitting to google search console, lol it doesn’t work as it was anymore.

Now here is the trick since Google search console function is to notify Google that your blog or website has a new link, same with pinging tools so we will be using pinging tools now to replace Google search console tool.

Pinging search engine and directories

Pingomatic has solved the problem, you can ping search engine to make them note that your blog or website is updated.

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To use pingomatic just;


Enter blog title

Paste the URL of your new post and add RSS Click “select all” to select all directories

Click “Send pings”.

Now let’s fetch to Google.

Fetching link to Google

The Fetch as Google tool enables you to test how Google crawls or renders a URL on your site. It will also allow you to manually submit pages to Google’s search index. This means you can update Google as quickly and efficiently as possible about changes made to your site.

Go to search console>>>Crawl>>>Fetch as Google

Enter the URL (note: submit only the post link excluding your domain {i.e. will be submitted as this-review instead of the other}

Click fetch.

Now that you have pinged search engine and directories and you have fetch as Google, you should give the search engine about 5minute or 10 minute to display your result effectively on Google search.

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How to check if you have been indexed

After all this effort you might want to know if you are surely indexed.

To check this copy the URL of the blog or website you want Google to crawl and paste it on Google search box then Hit Search.

If it shows result not found then you have to still give it some time because Google is not yet familiar with your blog.

If it displays the blog title and URL then it has been indexed…

Quite interesting, that was really an easy tutorial… Are you still having any difficulty? Then leave a comment….

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