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How To Join Oriflame Business in Nigeria, Promote & Make Money


Oriflame business is an amazing way to make money in Nigeria easily, today I will teach you how to join Oriflame business in Nigeria and how you can promote and money from it easily.

Today, there are many oriflame consultants and you can also become one and also make money from Oriflame nigeria after reading this article.

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For those new to oriflame business let me tell you what its all about before you join oriflame.

What is Oriflame?

Oriflame Sweden is an international company which was established by two brothers Jonas Af Jochnick and Robert Af Jochnick. The swedish company started operation in 1967 but now has branch offices in over 62 countries (including Nigeria, UK, US, Switzerland ) with over 4 million customers worldwide.

Oriflame Nigeria, which started operations in October 2014 is one of the branches of Oriflame and  has its origin in Sweden with corporate offices in Switzerland.

The oriflame is all about selling various products for men and women – toileteries, accessories and skin care products.

What do you get after joining oriflame?

  • Make your passion profitable
  • Earn more money
  • Become your own boss
  • Travel the world
  • Lot more

Now you know what oriflame is all about lets see how to make money from oriflame business and how to become an oriflame consultant.

How To Join Oriflame Business in Nigeria, Promote & Make Money

Let’s get started…

Most especially females find this business the best option for them to make more money and if you a female blogger running a beauty blog its an opportunity for you to start selling oriflame products on your blog and make some money from it.

How to Join Oriflame Business Easily?

  • Visit the oriflame application page – HERE or you can contact a registered oriflame consultant in Nigeria
  • Fill the form completely and enter the correct details
  • You will be asked to pay N2,990 as joining fee
  • After you have been registered, you will receive a welcome email from Oriflame
  • Click an activation link for your Oriflame account to be fully activated.
  • Once activated you can sign in
  • That’s all

How to Order Products on Oriflame Nigeria

  • After you have signed in, you can start buying Oriflame products
  • You can also building your Oriflame team.


When you order Oriflame products for the first time as a consultant, Oriflame membership fee will be added to your invoice you can pay online, at the bank or at oriflame SPO and offices in Nigeria. You can as well transfer money to Orifame bank account.

  • Once your payment is confirmed, your order will be processed and will be delivered to you anywhere in Nigeria. You can as well choose to go and pick the products at any Nigeria Oriflame office or SPO.

How to Make Money from Oriflame Nigeria?

Now you can join oriflame and also buy products, lets see how you can make money from them easily.

  • You can run facebook ads and generate sales
  • You can sell using online platforms
  • You can run a blog in the beauty niche and generate more sales
  • Recommend It To Friends and Family
  • Through Referral Commissions

You can checkout Oriflame catalogue HERE, If you still having trouble joining Oriflame please comment below, thanks for reading.

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