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How to Lock WhatsApp with Fingerprint on Android


I was surprised when WhatsApp introduced this whatsapp fingerprint feature but was amazed.

want to know why?

Well, Most of us use other apps to lock our locks that’s really funny but with this feature, you don’t have to depend on them again.

Yeah, that’s amazing right?

This article will show you how to lock your whatsapp with fingerprint on android easily.

This feature was introduced some days back, you can read about it here.

Why should you consider using this feature?

Take it as an extra layer of security that can keep people who try to check WhatsApp chats forgetting about privacy.

If your smartphone unlocks with a fingerprint, you will still need to use the fingerprint again to unlock your WhatsApp, this provides an added level of security.

Lock WhatsApp with Fingerprint on Android

Before proceeding, you need to make sure your WhatsApp is the latest version on Google Play.

Go to the Play store and update your WhatsApp. Now that it has been updated, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to “Settings” on your WhatsApp.
  • Tap on “Account
  • Open “Privacy” > “Fingerprint unlock

WhatsApp will prompt you to use your fingerprint so it registers and recognizes it.

After that, you can now set when your WhatsApp will be locked by fingerprint when you no longer chat.

Available options are to lock immediately, after 1 minute or after 30 minutes.

You can also set if WhatsApp shows chat previews in the notification after it has been fingerprint-locked.

You should definitely lock WhatsApp with a fingerprint on Android if the added layer of security is important to you.

If this solves your problem comment below…

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