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How to Lock Your GTBank Account With *737*

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

GtBank is really an amazing bank to use and you can see it for yourself, now GTbank has introduced a way so its users can instantly lock Gtbank account easily with their USSD code.

This is a new feature introduced to all GTBank holders in case of any unforeseen emergencies where you’ll need to lock your account instantly then you need to refer back to this post incase you forget the steps.

Using this new feature will help keep hackers away from gaining access to our finances causing loss on our end.

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How to Instantly Lock Your GTBANK Account With *737*

  • Works with any sim card in Nigeria
  • simply dial *737*51*74# on your phone.
  • You’ll be required to provide the phone number registered.
  • Enter your 737 pin.
  • That’s all.
  • This will at least prevent scammers from hijacking your account.
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Note: Once your account is locked, nobody will be able to make any transfers from your account, and all debit transactions will be blocked.

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