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How To Make Money From Konga Affiliate Program

by Ayorinde Ayodeji is an e-commerce store in Nigeria that sales different products, konga have made its own affiliate program since 2011 for you to earn from them when you make sales on any products on their e-commerce store.

A lot of us have websites, blog even social media pages or profiles why waste your time on social media 24/7 hours when you can make money from konga affiliate by getting your referred products to the right person.

This is a great way to earn millions from Konga by selling products they have, I am going to teach you how to register, how to make money easily and how to place a banner. All this method will be explained here…

How they become Konga affiliate was due to the partnership from Yudala to Konga.

Not to waste much time, Let’s get started.

How To Sign-Up For Konga Affiliate Program

To apply for Konga Yuboss affiliate, visit here, then fill the form. There are 3 sections you will find when signing up for Konga Yuboss affiliate.

The first section is personal information.

The second section is additional information.

The third section is terms &condition.

You can sign up below using the embedded sign up form I placed…

Personal Information


Additional Information




Once your application have been submitted and you have been approved for the program, you will get a mail with your account details to log into the program as well as how to use the program.

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How To Make Money From Konga Yuboss Affiliate Program

To make money from konga affiliate is for you to share your links to the right people who will be interested in buying the product. Now it’s pretty easy to make money from an individual product by using konga deeplink generator.

Konga deeplink generator works in a way that you go to its website and copy the product link then come to your konga affiliate account and go to promotion -> advance tool -> deeplink generator. Then fill it and add the copied product link… after the link has been generated, you can copy and share to who wants to buy the specific product or add a link to your site.

Another way to make money from them is to refer someone (register under you) then you get a commission when the person who registered under you gets sales.

If your website, blogs or social media accounts have interactions then you will earn faster.

How to get a banner code on Konga Affiliate

To get a banner code on konga affiliate and place it on your blog it’s easy, log into your account then go to promotion click banner and click apply button then select your banner size you wish… you can also filter the banner in categories that exist on konga e-commerce store.

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Enjoy making cool cash from konga, share this article with friends…

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