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How to Make Money on Udemy Affiliate Program [Updated]

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

Most who know about udemy will know its an e-learning platform with over thousands of courses on different categories which is offered at a reasonable price, everyone wants to gain a new skill or improve already existing skill but udemy has solved it all by learning online and also get a certificate after completing the course…

Yeah, i got a certificate on a particular course offered by zack miller cost $11…

Ever wondered why $200 can’t be seen on the floor?

That’s because making money online is difficult but not acutally difficult if you don’t have a strategy to promote to get sales.

Finally Udemy has given you and i the chance to make cool cash by promoting courses and not only promoting but also making sales,  92% of people in the world need a way to make money online without stress but there is a little stress promoting to the right people and making sales.

If you new to affiliate marketing i suggest you read my affiliate marketing guide for beginners first before proceeding…

What you will learn:

  1. What udemy affiliate program is all about
  2. How to Join Udemy affiliate successfully
  3. Where to market your Udemy affiliate link
  4. Udemy affiliate program commission rate
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Let’s get to the bottom of this now…

Stick still the end and discover what you have been missing…

What is Udemy Affiliate Program?

We already know Udemy offers online courses to help improve lives through learning. With their global marketplace they offer learning to students from around the world. Each course is reviewed by the Udemy team to make sure they are given by expert instructors who provide quality content.

So what’s udemy affiliate program now?

Udemy will pay  you to promote their courses on your blog, website, social media channels and email list.

make $1000 on udemy affiliate program

Do you know if someone checks out Udemy via one of your unique affiliate links and purchases a course, you make a commission.

Udemy uses 7-day cookie, which means that someone will need to make a purchase within 7 days of clicking through to Udemy from your website.

Udemy affiliate program Commission Rate

When you refer customers to Udemy and they purchase any course within a 7 day period, you’ll receive 20% commission from that sale. If a customer makes separate purchases within that 7 day period, you’ll also receive a commission from all of those sales too.

It’s important to remember that you do not receive a commission on your customers for the lifetime of their account but only during the 7 days after they click your affiliate link. If the 7 days have passed and they find Udemy via your affiliate links again, the 7 days will reset and you’ll still get the commission from that customer.

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How to Join Udemy Affiliate Program

Before Joining udemy affiliate program you should have already started running your blog and the courses you promoting must be relevant to your content on your blog.

join udemy affiliate

For example: if you run a blog on graphics designing tutorials and you want to your readers a way to learn and explore more techniques then you can promote a particular course related to that content don’t try promoting programming on graphics or others. There are wide range of categories on udemy you can think of as long as the category exist there should be a course for it on udemy.

If you wish to join the program then visit this Udemy Affiliate Program page directly.

How to Promote Udemy Courses

After you have signed up with Udemy via Rakuten, you will have access to the Udemy links and tools.

You can create affiliate links in the Rakuten link builder and deep link builder: this is where you can turn any Udemy links, into affiliate links and add them to the content of your blog, pretty cool right?

Udemy has the following tool:

  • Banner
  • Text link

Udemy affiliate have various banners available. In other to use the banners in your sidebars, you just need to add some HTML code.

Simply copy and paste within your widget area on your website and the banner appears on your blog.

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I strongly recommend you primarily use text links, is the best i can recommend for you to promote courses.

Write blog posts: Write reviews for Udemy courses and add affiliate hyperlinks to your recommended courses within your review text.

What are the Pros & Cons behind Udemy Affiliate Program


  • Udemy has thousands of courses for you to promote and new courses are created daily.


  • You don’t earn commission on customers for the lifetime of their account. Instead, it’s only within a 7 day period. This means you have to constantly drive *new* customers to the site.


Udemy also provides an additional element to Businesses. If you have a company and would like to provide your employees with additional business skills and knowledge, you can join Udemy Business.

Do you have any question concerning Udemy affiliate program? Then hit me in the comment box i will give you positive feedback.

Thanks for reading.

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