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How to Open Paypal in Nigeria that Sends and Recieve Payment

In Nigeria, the number one problem we have with paypal nigeria is not able to send payment but today i will teach you How to Open Paypal in Nigeria that Sends and Recieve Payment.

73% of Nigerian use PayPal to receive payment online which has pretty great functions I never expected it to have. If you haven’t used PayPal before here is your chance. I have helped more than 40 people in creating a PayPal account that works perfectly here in Nigeria you don’t need VPN to create a PayPal in Nigeria that works perfectly all you need is using your common sense.

I will mention some steps which must people also selling this as E-book haven’t taught you before, must people E-books just teach you how to create PayPal in only one country but I will teach you how to create for any country without even having any problem after setting it up.

We all know PayPal don’t support Nigeria creating PayPal account and enjoying full features as other countries. Here is the advantage for us to create a PayPal that send and receive payment easily using another country without VPN.

How to Open Paypal in Nigeria that Sends and Recieve Payment

Before we proceed don’t forget I send you don’t need VPN to create a PayPal account that send and receive payment.

To sign up for PayPal in Nigeria you need an active email not a temporary email oh, if you have opened a Nigerian PayPal account that don’t allow you send or receive payment then de-activate the account then use that email to sign up again following this step below:

  • Visit PayPal website: This is the first step if you don’t do this right you won’t get a PayPal that receives or send payment. This step also you can use it to create any PayPal for any type of account (Personal or Business) in any country.

Now get the country link like on Google we in Nigeria have our own link to access google and we can also access the default page for google in Nigeria we visit while the default google for all country is same we have which is meant for google in united states similar procedure follows for PayPal for example in united states their PayPal link is

While Nigeria is depends but if you want to use my own step which I follow for all my clients who request for PayPal account from me all I have to do is access PayPal for united Arab emirate which is you can also get any country PayPal you like by accessing their PayPal country link.

How to Open Paypal in Nigeria that Sends and Recieve Payment 1

  • When you visit its homepage you click the sign up button then select the type of account you want I will always tell you select business account so you can send and receive payment and also get a chance to integrate PayPal on your website.

How to Open Paypal in Nigeria that Sends and Recieve Payment 2

  • You will a page that says enter your Email address then click Get started.
  • Fill the form which appears telling you to fill the information below:
    • Create a login
    • Your business information
    • Primary currency

How to Open Paypal in Nigeria that Sends and Recieve Payment 3

  • For legal first name and last name you write the owners of the business like Ayorinde Ayodeji then for the Business name enter your business name.
  • When it’s time to insert your Phone number put your Nigerian phone number there it doesn’t matter.
  • For the business address line, get united Arab emirate address you can google that or use Google map and select a location in united Arab emirate or use this link in getting an address or use this my own indicated below: Dubai which is easy to remember. You get more business address line from
  • For city/Town fill Dubai and enter this postal code for the city: 50897
  • You can leave the default currency as US Dollars
  • Then check the agreement button and click agree and continue.

After completing the registration an activation email will be sent to your email click the link then your account is ready for use.

You don’t have to visit before you can login your PayPal account you can access it directly from, using the is just to enable you create a PayPal in another country.

Thanks for reading this article, leave a comment if you having any issues with your paypal account.

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