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How to Request for a Free Debit Card on Rubies Bank

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

Yeah, Don’t be surprised i got my free debit card on Rubies bank which is known to be a digital banking platform, recently i wrote how to make money from rubies.

This post won’t be a long one, I just want to highlight what I mentioned in my other post on how to get a free debit card from rubies banks.

Rubies is a product of Highstreet Microfinance Bank that disrupts regular banking as we know it by providing 100% digital top-notch services.

Lately, i have been seeing messages from those who registered using my link asking some questions which triggered me to write this post again.

Rubies bank is licensed under the Central bank of Nigeria (CBN) which shows that every detail given to rubies are protected.

I now enjoy full banking support from rubies bank easily without having to be worried about going to my the nearest bank close to me to transfer money.

Special thanks to the rubies family!

The digital platform which enables customers to perform all their banking needs on the go without hidden charges also allows them to gain access to over 1000 ATMs across the country, Rubies is the digital banking platform of Highstreet Microfinance Bank.

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The Rubies debit card is free to use on any ATM across Nigeria today.

I Joined rubies same day it launched and also got my free debit card (ATM) in less than a week same with those who registered under me also got their too.

How to Get Free ATM Card and Make Money from Rubies Bank 1

you can see my now atm below:

If you still have a second taught about rubies bank then you need to think twice and grab your free opportunity soon rubies might charge you for your first ATM card, for now, all debit card given is free.

How to Request for a Free Debit Card on Rubies Bank

  • If you haven’t downloaded the app do that now.
  • To request for your free ATM card click Cards on the app
  • Request for a Free Debit Card as a first time user

You might be told to fill in your bank BVN, picture and signature but you are safe like i said it’s registered under CBN.

  • If you noticed BVN can be used on multiple accounts so that’s why you don’t need a new one.
  • Then for the signature, you can sign on a white paper and snap it then upload.
  • Upload your Valid ID card (e.g driver’s license, voters card, International passport, or national id card)
  • After completing all you can request.
    How to Get Free ATM Card and Make Money from Rubies Bank 2
  • They should get back to you in working days and then the ATM will be sent to the nearest postal address.
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When you receive your free debit card don’t forget to come back here and give us a thank you comment, i believe this has solved the issue of getting your free rubies bank ATM now.

If you haven’t started making money on rubies as you keep using their services please comment, lets help you make money through rubies bank.

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