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How To Set Static Page In Carrington Mobile Theme

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

Today, I will teach you how to set static page in Carrington mobile theme easily.

I stumbled on a forum when asked a question relating to setting static page on Carrington so it triggered me to write about it and share with the public.

I believe many of us have come across many Carrington mobile theme, like Naijaloaded Carrington theme, tooxclusive, 9jaflaver and more.

In short sentence, I noticed Carrington mobile theme is mostly used among entertainment bloggers I don’t know why maybe it’s tradition 😂 but they all seems to always use same theme.

But one amazing part of using Carrington mobile theme on your blog is that you can always customise it to your taste likes it’s your framework.

My aim is not to make this post lengthy just to show how to configure static page in Carrington mobile theme.

This is also same way as setting static page on other themes, static pages can be used as home page maybe the theme you using supports some features which can be used only on static page or you want a post as static page.

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Static page is really cool, even if you building a company web app on WordPress you will surely use it.

So let’s get started.

How To Set Static Page In Carrington Mobile Theme

Most people will tell you to set static page you can create a new file in your theme and name it static-page.php and redirect but that’s just waste of time.

WordPress has already made it much easier you don’t have to always stress yourself.

  • Login your WordPress dashboard
  • Click appearance > customiseHow To Set Static Page In Carrington Mobile Theme 3
  • You should see homepage settings on your customise settings
  • Select it and check the button to static page
  • Select the new home page you created
  • Then publish

If you have a page for blog also you can use the blog to set default page for your blog.

You can also use the other way:

  • Login your WordPress dashboard
  • Click settings or hover to settings
  • Click readings
  • Then follow same procedure.
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You can use any method that suits you in setting static page.

Don’t forget you must have created your pages before you can set a static page, if you have any issues please comment

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