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How To Set Up A WordPress Blog using Whogohost in 10 Minutes

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

Enough with the talks about WordPress being the most popular CMS platform, most of us already know that. In this article you will learn how to set up wordpress blog using whogohost in 10 minutes.

If you are still new to whogohost affiliate program, well it’s a platform or a section owned by whogohost where you can make money referring people to buy hosting plans from whogohost.

So, back to the main reason for this article 🙂

The only reason why most don’t really like wordpress blogging platform is that fund is required to start a blog unlike blogger/blogspot platform that gives free host.

WordPress platform has a good and wonderful plugins for your business and the platform can used to create forums, business websites, and lots more.

Before creating a blog with WordPress, you must choose the best hosting for your wordpress blog before setting up the blog.

Now, Whogohost has done more than that for you by providing you with the best affordable hosting plan to help you start and run a smooth blog.

Whogohost is one of the Nigeria’s leading Web Hosting and Domain Registration company, providing SME and reseller web hosting with WordPress and Joomla.If you are looking to create your blog or website and looking for a Nigerian hosting, then whogohost is best place to go.

How To Set Up A WordPress Blog using Whogohost

As a blog starter, you might be wondering how you can start your own WordPress blog or Website. To start a blog or a website, you need two things:

  • Domain Name: Name of your website which you usually buy at the price of N1500 – N4200. Ex: is the domain name.
  • Web Hosting : Web hosting is where all files of your website are stored and are accessible around the globe.
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Whogohost is a top reputed company to host your website and you also get one free domain name, so it makes it easier for a newbie to start his or her own blog.

Go to

Enter your domain name(the name of your website e.g and click “Register Domain

Choose your choice of  transaction currency either Nigerian naira (NGN) or United States dollar (USD)

Input your domain name and choose an extension  .com .com. ng  .org. info and many more

Now, Click on ‘No Hosting, Click to Add’ to add a host for your domain name. You have to to host the domain name so you would be able to login and input data in the website perfectly

If you are a Beginners you can select (1GB) and upgrade when ever they like. Click ‘order now’

Select your preferred billing cycle >> select ‘checkout’ Input the details and your domain name owner  details

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Accept the terms and conditions before you proceed. Click on ‘complete order’.

Copy the payment details that would pop up. All you need to do is copy them out, make your payment. You would receive a mail with details about your new blog once your payment is confirmed been confirmed.

Now that you have purchased your domain name and hosting, next is installing the WordPress.

How to Install WordPress on Whogohost

So I assume you have your Whogohost login details with you. Go to, click on Account Login and use your credentials to login to your Whogohost Account. Once you are inside your Dashboard, click on Cpanel.

Right below Softaculous Apps Installer click WordPress 

Click on Install WordPress.

Now input your site name, description, admin user name & admin password, admin email, choose a preferred language. Insert your email so your installation details would be sent to you. Finally click ‘install’.

Once the installation is done , you would be given a confirmation screening showing you your unique WordPress login URL that would look like this:  

Finally, copy this and write down your username and password.

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It will take approximately 30-60 seconds for this script to install your WordPress blog, and it will be displayed on the same screen.

Put this in Mind

Here are some notable changes:

Sitename: Set the site name you want to use. For example, here at this site, I use faqontech.

Admin Username: Keep it something other than admin. (Admin is common, and can be used for brute force attack).

Pass: Keep a complex password.

Admin Email address: Use your Email address

The URL is where you visit to create new posts, static pages and also edit your WordPress Theme.

Now you can start creating various contents on your blog…

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